the easiest option is to physically remove it

nashville. had to pass by here on my way to the post office. the woman behind the counter talked to us for like 5 minutes about nothing … 🙂


from my inbox:

email from C-J (day 125): “Hi Belle, Well at least today i managed a small change in that i made coffee and fed myself before anything else i am going to get that firmly fixed in place then add in the [writing about tracking migraines] stuff – it is really only 10 minutes, and my ultimate goal is then 10 minutes of gentle stretching and yoga …

[the writing assignment] was expressive writing today — scary stuff! its exactly the exercise you described but getting it all down in a letter — first you make a list of all the people and situations you need to write a letter to — you can write a letter to stinky old sexism at work if you want to, if you feel that is causing some of your pain!

when i was watering the garden this evening i was pulling out bits of rose leaves that have black spot on them, and it made me think about this gardener on the radio called Bob Flowerdew, that I have listened to since i was a teenager. He is a bit of a hippy, has an extremely long plait [braid] like Rapunzel and is an authority on organic gardening. The other week he was talking about pests like black spot and aphids and said ‘of course people forget the cheapest and easiest option is to just physically remove them’ — it made me think about the similarities between gardening and sobriety and made me chuckle 🙂  Hugs, CJ.”

[update: she’s on day 441 today]


​This painting was selected to go to the Tennessee Art Show in Knoxville Tennessee (May 9-11, 2019) … 🙂

It’s now available on the site.

link >


SOLD: Paintings 437, 344, & 373 have been sold to England, New Jersey, & Texas respectively


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012