The Lucas Rockwood Show (i’m a guest on his yogabody podcast! not talking about yoga, clearly).

​I was recently on the Lucas Rockwood podcast, talking about quitting drinking and about the booze elevator that only goes down.

I'm also going to send out a copy of the full interview to ​podcast subscribers so that you'll have it in your library ​(episode 298) .

And you can listen to the entire audio here.

​Sober Podcast 298. ​Lucas Rockwood Show

feedback from some of Lucas's listeners:

R: "I listened to your interview on Lucas Rockwood's podcast and a lot of what you said really resonated with me. I remember in my college days taking a women's studies class and we discussed at length the amount of time women - young and old - spend on thinking about things like beauty - how to look better, how to lose weight, etc. And about how much mind space that takes up in our day to day lives and all the things that could occupy that space instead. And so when I heard you speaking about that same situation with drinking, it really got me thinking about how much time I really do think about drinking. It's totally insane! So, I thought I'd just give this a try, test it out, see how I feel. I've done sober months for the past several years (once a year) successfully but when I drink again, I tend to drink too much then suffer from lots of self-loathing for not being able to "drink responsibly." ... Anyway, I wanted to thank you for creating this space for people and to thank you for the kind personal message!"

N: "I heard your words on the Lucas Rockwood show and was 100% inspired ... I’ve been thinking of ‘cutting back’ and have been mentally preparing myself for the journey. Then I saw the email from Lucas about this podcast, thinking of quitting drinking. And you know, everything you said I could relate to. So before it was even done I was on your page! I listened to it yesterday (my time) and haven’t had a drop ... I look forward to your encouragement and honesty. You are a true inspiration, as you don’t sound like one of those fake people (!) who belittle others, which inevitably makes you want to drink! Thank you for sharing your story and experience with the world. I am on my way to a better life all together. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!"

L: "Hi Belle, I purchased your audio book yesterday and listened to the whole thing straight [6 hrs!]. It was just what I needed. Finally made sense that I actually was paying a price for my over drinking. I’m Day 2 and ready to feel healthy again. I heard you on the Yoga Body podcast and was so impressed with your story. Then a week later I really over drank and knew it was time to visit your website and get help. I never realized before how much I was discounting my habit because it wasn’t the "low bottom” story. But when you talk about the elevator of alcohol is always heading down it just clicked. Thank you, Thank you for sharing!"

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​if alcohol is an elevator that only goes down, you can get off and stay off. original sober art thanks to mr.belle. this is Exit #360.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Interesting show.
    I’m not familiar with Lucas Rockwood, but his hosting/conversation facilitation was sometimes very confusing to listen to. Don’t get me wrong, I think his intentions are good, but many comments he made, even in the introduction and preface about societal alcohol use, was full of assumptions and mis-informed comments. I couldn’t tell if he is sober or is currently drinking – he had so many round about ways in describing his personal relationship with alcohol, that his viewpoints became very muddled.
    On the contrary, Belle, I thought you rocked this interview – you were authentic, clearly answered his questions, stayed on point, and refuted each and every one of his comments/questions regarding myths about alcohol.
    When listening to this podcast, it felt like he was trying to justify his view/belief about alcohol, and not really admitting to the harmful effects and fall out of alcohol.
    (I think his inner wolfie was rearing his ugly head because he was feeling uncomfortable and challenged by you:)). I found this intriguing, as his podcast is about yoga – I remember a Belle podcast that I listened to that essentially says that trying to do self-help stuff doesn’t work until you stop pouring booze on your head. Then and only then can yoga, mindfulness, etc actually start to have positive effects.
    And at the end of the interview there is a segment on the harmful effects of sugar. (Hmmm, isn’t alcohol a by product of sugar?). There were just too many assumptions and contradictions to take his comments too seriously.
    No matter what, I’m glad he had you on his show to provide clear and honest information about how drinking doesn’t suit some of us. You did an amazing job, Belle, very well done.

    • Thank you for this, dear thompsongirl, I could not agree more! Me too, I felt quite confused by what Lucas‘ was stating… and I was also wondering whether there was Wolfie speaking between the lines… (as if our alcohol-soaked culture could be an explanation or excuse to keep drinking…). However, it was great and helpful and quite comforting to listen to your clarity and straightforwardness, dear Belle, with which you kept track and consistently navigated through his questions and comments into the only direction of the „Exit“ and „Stay“ signs! Thank you, Belle xoxoxo

  • You were actually responding to him, while he clearly wasn’t. I felt like he wanted to share a part of his story, which he did, but didn’t pay attention to what you were saying. He was polite, sure, but he did not engage in the conversation, you know? That’s a shame. You were spot on, as usual. I was nodding all the time!! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Just listened. You are inspirational. I am constantly struggling but constantly going back to your web site. I identify with so much that you say. I want a better life but just keep failing. What you said about an OH drinking is something I need to come to terms with. Im I blaming him for my weakness? How far down his journey Is he? I kept my problem quiet for so many years who am I to judge. Just wanted to say thank you. Also your message cards arrived today. I need to get in that car… you’ve shown me the keys. X

  • Interesting podcast- gets better the further in you go. He seems to have had quite negative experiences after getting sober ( with losing friendships). But on the whole he doesn’t seem to disagree that life with out alcohol is way better.
    I’m curious as to why he said alcohol makes someone more fun , more sociable …. something along those lines. Because I certainly don’t think that’s true.
    Worth listening to that’s for sure

  • Great Job Belle – I completely agree with you – and even agree that you do NOT have to change your friends (or your spouse!) – I’m almost 200 days and my husband continues to drink – as do a majority of my friends. It’s got to do with *me* – and my elevator ride. It’s my life – and my ride! Ruthie