wolfie is the anti-self-care voice

This message was originally sent to subscribers by email on tuesday january 29th.


Gra: “I have been to the glass bottle [recycling] bank twice in the last year. and to think i used to dread my fortnightly clinky clanky bottle disposal shame. All I had to do to stop the walk of shame was to stop drinking…”

K: “I once saw a shirt that said: ‘I really regret going to the gym today’ – said no one ever. You should do one that says: ‘I really regret my sobriety the past 100 days’ – said no one ever.”

DD: “Sorry to keep emailing you. And there’s no need to respond or comment on each email. Probably like a lot of your penpals I am just thinking out loud. The idea of not dieting while getting sober is something I’ve really been taking to heart. But for me, treats don’t have to be cake. I just returned from the grocery store with fresh berries on my list to buy. But I couldn’t do it because they were six dollars a pint. I’ve been thinking a lot about why since I got home. I am in a income level where truly money is no object as far as food purchases. It says a lot about me that I can’t spend six dollars on myself.  Of course I would have no problem spending double that on a cheap bottle of wine. Buying good quality healthy food is a treat. Next trip to the store, I buy all the fresh fruit I want.”

I: “I got arrested last Friday for drink-driving. I crashed my new car, rolled it, and only had a head injury! I walked away luckily with no one else injured. I have needed help for a long time not so much an alcoholic but just turning to alcohol for the wrong reasons. now I’ve got to pay the consequences to my actions and my children unfortunately will suffer too as I will no longer be able to drive. Why is is something like this that needed to happen for me to wake up?”

sohocat: “… that makes so much sense. Wolfie is the anti-self-care voice. Whether we didn’t learn self care, or are susceptible to self-harm, or are addicted to this thing or that thing — it all sounds the same. Instead of making me sad or depressed that actually makes me feel less alone and more normal. I was also thinking how acknowledging and feeling my high emotions last weekend may have also helped me process them more quickly than if I had numbed them away. So I’m feeling much more positive this week. Tired but positive. I consider that an advanced-level WIN and a FUCK YOU WOLFIE!”

need an extra boost today? 
even if you’re not on facebook you can watch this new video filmed on Sunday about how to fill the ‘boring’ time that often happens on weekends after we quit drinking. << link here >>

this was my lunch treat yesterday, thanks to the tiny gift fund 🙂



I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012