Why start now?

You will have a voice in your head that tells you that this isn’t the right time. I mean, look: January 1st is a Tuesday so that’s not the best day. What about next Monday? Well, then you have that thing you’re supposed to do later in the week, so maybe it should be the week after that.

Or you could start now, which means that a year from today you’ll be one year sober. 

You could start now, so that you're already underway. You want to feel better already, so you're not waiting longer (to feel better)! You're adding the tools and supports that you need to get you where you want to go.

If there is no right time, then now is the time.

This is the subject of a brand new podcast (episode 282) going out today to podcast subscribers.

And for the next 24 hrs, I'm going to make this audio available here, for you to listen to in full, even if you're not a podcast member.

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​Sober Podcast 282. ​Why Now?

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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Night 14 for me! I never really say day 14, because I never really drank in the day, but I did drink every night. I was most scared about getting through weekends but I’ve managed 2 and feel great! Still anxious about whether I can do it long term, but I know I won’t drink tonight 😊

  • There’s me raving about feeling so much better but today is the first day I haven’t had an email of some sort from you and feel bit weird about it x

  • Thank you for the gift of this podcast! I read your book and began the 100 day challenge on September 24, not realizing then that my day 100 would fall on January 1. So many times I had to squash the Wolfie voice suggesting that I celebrate my sobriety on New Year’s Eve with a glass of wine. I don’t think I’d be here on day 113 if I hadn’t booked that phone call with you and gotten support. Thank you, Belle.

  • You really get it right every time Belle! Thank you- great podcast. No excuses. We’ve all got shit going on in our lives. Honestly, sometimes I don’t know how you put up with all the whining from us all. Well at least it’s not “wine – ing” as you’ve said before! 🙂 You’re funny and you “get” us…and you consistently provide new material for us to keep the wolf at bay. I think you should nominated for a sainthood!! Lotsa love xx

  • LOL– You nailed it. “You got this!” on a message board when you post for help because you clearly don’t got this. Drives me nuts!

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful audio. It was just what I needed, just in time. This morning (before your podcast) I had woken to a groggy feeling after consuming 2 bottles (+ glass – there is always more than “just” the 2 bottles) and had lost – literally every. last. hope after relapsing and relapsing since about 2017 june where I had done 126 days sober before falling off the wagon and never getting back on again properly. I had seen your email in my inbox and thought, – just get up, snap out of it, have a shower, some good coffee, and listen to Belle. And my gosh I wasn’t prepared for how powerful it was going to be. After I listened, I went off to meet my partner of 6 1/2 years and literally broke down about my addiction, told him how bad it has been, and how sorry I have been about everything to do with my drinking affecting our relationship. I would be kidding myself if I thought he hasn’t been questioning if I’m serious about him, due to my drinking and chaotic lifestyle and drama as a result of it all. It was such a relief to have done that today. I had quality sober time with him today, before also seeing my mother later, and looking her in the eye and saying that I think I am finally on the right track. She has remained ever hopeful (even where I wasn’t!) for ages (despite being increasingly worried about my drinking, as have all my family) but I could see how relieved she looked today. Her sister, my aunt, died in 2016 from stomach complications and and eventually a heart attack, but her death certificate also confirmed secondary causes to be cirrhosis – she’d battled alcoholism for years with refusal to get any help from anyone, despite so many attempts by others to help. I said I didn’t want to die that way. I wanted to live a healthy and happy life again.
    I told it was going to be “not today” and one day at time to start, but I know she knows I mean it this time. Because I do. And Belle you have given me hope again. I will get out there and get my sober tools together this week. I am looking forward to this new journey. Much love, Clare x

  • Thank you, Belle, for this lovely gift! I often hear new angles when I listen to your podcasts and they always make me chuckle. I have just experienced my first AF Christmas and NYE and have enjoyed myself more than previous drinking ones! Who knew?! 😉

    Month 10 sober complete and starting month 11 in South Africa spending the old wine fund. Heheheh.

  • Thank you for the audio. Belle, your support is so helpful. Hearing the same messages again and again is so good. Been trying to do this for years. Basically you can’t do this on your own and it doesn’t matter when you start – just start! Day 13 for me too.

  • Thank you – day 17 and having a moment right now. Have poured a tonic and listened to the podcast and I think I’ll pass on the wine 🙂

  • Day 13 for me, thank you for your support. With my work schedule meetings are tough and I get so much crap from my family saying that I isolate….but I’m really just trying to take care of me…..going to subscribe to your podcast, thanks again

  • Belle.. thanks so much for this podcast.. you are a ‘life saver!! I’ve been struggling with habitual relapses for quite some time.. .. you will be so so familiar with my numerous ‘day 1’s ‘ I’ve been thinking for quite some time .. ‘this is not the right time’!! .. it’s xmas, it’s new year, recent family bereavement, a big big occasion ‘my wedding’ coming up 14th Feb! ‘how can I not drink’??
    Last night I drank 2 bottles of wine and smoked loads of ‘pot ‘ .. I was sick sick sick as a dog!! Vowed to myself today ‘this is it! .. I’ve had enough’!! I need to reset.. my new ‘day one’ Sunday Jan 13th 2019!! .. I need more tools, more acccountabilty, more support!! I’m ready, able, willing!!

  • Interesting and informative. Advertising for alcohol is everywhere. You are right, never a good time that’s how much alcohol plays a part in so many lives. But that Wolfie voice never goes away? Darn! Day 50. Thanks for the podcast.

  • Been tryin on my own in my head for years
    Tryin sumthin different now
    1st Jan seemed a gud choice, havin company & support
    Feelin beta
    Fresh mornings
    Day 13

    Wow Belle,
    Thanku 4 al ur support 😘
    Copin with life is so much easier hangover free 😍

  • I saw your facebook post and downloaded the book but I was so afraid of failure that I hadn’t even started reading it! But listening to this podcast made me cry… because I know that everything you said is right and the right time is now!! Thankyou Belle. The first day of the rest of my life starts today. Finally.

  • I am sober. My life sucks on so many levels…My brother can’t live on his own anymore, I have cancer, I am getting divorced…blah blah blah…guess what? I could NOT successfully navigate this life with Wolfie as my bestie. No No No. I hate my life right now, but I’ll get through it BECAUSE I am sober!

  • I just replied to your ‘lurkers’ email, and now I have listened to this. Today is my day 1, the right time is now.

  • I am one of the Face-bookers who saw your post, sitting on the settee with my phone in my hand feeling like shit, after drinking far too much wine and gin over another weekend as usual. I want to feel healthy and not just plan my life around when I can drink. I am so glad I clicked on your post, 7 days sober and feeling great

  • I am on day 13 and although proud and positive, I’m still fearful. This podcast helped. But then somewhere in the middle woof! howl! Along came wolfie. You made a comment about someone who might be trying to get pregnant but drinking 2 bottles of wine a night. Wolfie said “Well you only drank one. Maybe you don’t need to be here. You don’t have much of a problem after all!” I was a bit shocked it was so loud.
    And it wasn’t quite true. One bottle of wine maybe but what about the gin and tonic before??

  • Thank you for the continued inspiration. I’m on day 7 already hangover free and feeling more alive – happy Sunday and thanks for the free podcast it was just what I needed on a cold dark Sunday morning.