live chat for technical support (or help finding things)

there is a live chat thing on this site, where i can answer questions and help you find things. here’s a copy of a chat from yesterday:

Me: Hi there, can I answer a question for you?
Chat: Hi I’m interested in signing up for sober support pen pal. Day 1 again

Me: Have we been penpals before? or this would be a new support for you 🙂
Chat: I’ve not had a penpal before. I currently subscribe to Belle’s podcasts & emails

Me: This is Belle 🙂 Do you need the links to the penpal-sign-up page thingy?
Chat: Hi Belle 🙂 Yes please

Me: here you go > . it’s ‘open’ now, but it’s often ‘turned off with a waiting list’ when things are busier, which is what i’m expecting for new year’s day … so actually now would be a good time to begin.


and here’s another chat that happened JUST NOW while i was typing this message to you!

Me: Hi there, can I answer a question for you?
Chat: Hello … I have just seen a link to your site … I just want to make sure it is legit?

Me: legit 🙂 yes, it’s really me. this is belle. smart of you to check it out though!
Chat: Oh hello … I am desperate to get off the booze. You have amazing reviews … I will sign up then … New Years reading … lol

Me: i am, in fact, a genius.
Chat: lol … you are funny too. I’ll get going on it and hopefully write you another amazing review. Wish me luck.

Me: Did someone share with you from facebook?
Chat: Yes. An old school friend … its that time of the year isn’t it. Would you like me to share also?

Me: that would be awesome 🙂 you can confirm that i am, in fact, a real human and not a robot!
Chat: I will do that … chat on the other side. Happy New Year.

Me: hugs from me xo


If ever this happens to you, where you can’t find something, or you need help with a transaction, or you need some kind of technical question answered, you can always drop into the chat, too. If i’m online, it’ll say “Chat with us LIVE” in the top right corner of this page.

I cannot do ‘sober coaching’ by chat, but I can help you find things 🙂


link to original sober art, thanks to mr.belle

this is a close-up of ‘exit’ painting #290 here
that means that 289 (ish) other paintings have already been mailed out all over the world. if you don’t have one, you might need one. i’m just saying…


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Today is my day 1. Thanks for the great support Belle. I really hope I can do this. Knowing there are many others like me certainly helps