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OMM278 > Vacation / Life

Imagine that you’re going to an all-expense paid vacation
There’s all these things that you can try
All kinds of fancy 3-star food
Drinks included

I left a big pause there so you could think about what that means
Here’s the world:
The world is just like an all-expense paid vacation
All these opportunities for you

Now think about the vacation

I left that space so that you could consider the following
These events, these places, these all-inclusive places
They’re familiar with people who don’t drink
The will always have extensive sober drink options.

Because not everybody drinks
Some people are sober
Some people are muslim
Some people are pregnant
Some people are mormon
Some people don’t drink
So you don’t need to worry about the fact that these people won’t have thought of you
They will
There’ll be something there for you

But also
An all-inclusive vacation
Is like an all-inclusive life
It’s filled with opportunities and
Things that you can take advantage of
That you cannot possibly enjoy
If you’re drunk

You go to an all-expense paid cruise vacation to
You go to Spain
You go to Portugal
And what, you drink the whole time?

All this loveliness around you
Just like in life
In this all-paid vacation

All this loveliness around you
And you are in a room with a bottle
Not paying any attention to what’s going on around you
Not really being present
Not really enjoying
All of the possibilities

Now you might say
But I don’t like snorkeling
That’s like saying
Well if I’m sober, then my life sucks.

There’s a whole fucking world of things out there
To do
Why don’t you just go to that 3-star Michelin restaurant
And eat their food
They’re familiar with people who don’t drink
There are lots of people, high-end people
Movie stars
There are lots of people who don’t drink in the world

You can be one of them
Because to waste your all-expense paid trip through life
Being alone in your room with a bottle
Is sadness
When there’s so much sunshine, warmth, experience and possibility
Waiting for you

And you know what?
You’ve already paid
[for this life. it has been delivered. it’s here]
You might as well take advantage
Of this cool life that’s around you


this is a closeup of painting #289 here


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I have wasted so much time being fuzzy…..but(!) I am here now and on my 7th day. Onwards and upwards… So good waking up and not feeling like shit!