solstice to solstice

From Sober in Richmond (The Solstice Guy): “I started my 100 Day challenge on the Solstice [and am celebrating 3.5 years sober tomorrow] … If there is anyone out there who needs some motivation to start – perhaps they can do the Solstice to Solstice. It really helped me to have the power of the whole darn earth behind me rather than a day or date on a calendar … It’s an incredibly magical thing, the Solstice to Solstice!”

Imagine it’s the longest day of the year (tomorrow in the northern hemisphere). Imagine you’re sober starting tomorrow, June 21st. It can be your Day 1 or maybe it’s your Day 50. Or 400. Doesn’t matter. Can you see yourself sober on December 21st? Winter Solstice. Stand here. Look ahead 180 days. Because if you think the view from day 100 is great, wait until you see 180 days.

  • If you’d like to be sober from Solstice to Solstice, you add a comment below.
  • Audios to listen to for Solstice to Solstice? Sign up to receive one archived podcast every 2 days for 180 days. That’s 90 audios in total, starting with SP001 Accepting Help all the way to SP090 Magical Time. Audios discounted 40%.

I like the idea of having the ‘whole darn earth behind me’ – how about you?

belle xo

[if your brain likes special numbers to get started, this might be a good one]

picture thanks to trigirl who sent it in for a photo project last christmas


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I have just completed my first Solstice to Solstice – day 194. Quite amazed really. The view is great up here, come on up.

  • I was just going through my notes and thoughts from last june 21st, lurking and wobbling around undeterminedly – and I can’t stand anymore how my view was limited back then. I thought there was nobody behind me, definitely not the whole earth. The universe wasn’t for me, and this still makes me incredibly sad … but yes! the view is already great from day 158 and I’m looking forward to the next 180. all in 🙂

    • Dear White Lake (and I would like to reply to EVERYONE, please!) This is The Solstice Guy. Yes it’s me! For some reason your comment really struck a chord with me. “Day one. Again.” You can do it. You can. Well, maybe not you alone, but think of that moment when the earth rounded the corner and is starting its journey back. Each day getting longer. The earth will carry you. It will. Stick with it. The ride has begun. Don’t get off. Stay on. You won’t crash. You won’t. The earth knows where it is going. It’s not going to veer off course. Stay one. Hang on. You’ll get to 21 June. You will. Trust me on that one – you will! Let the earth do its thing. Put your trust in the Universe. Please hang on. I don’t want you waking up on 21 June saying, “Today would have been Day 180.” Too depressing to think about that! Hang on. Please, hang on and trust the earth!!

  • Count me in. Longest day of the year to the shortest day of the year for me and that would see me landing on the 21st June on day 196, so nearly back at 200 days – I’ll see it through all the way with the earth behind me 🙂

  • December 21, the winter solstice, will by Day 80 for me. I can visualize another 180 knowing you good folks and the whole darn earth are behind me!

  • Count me in!!! I am about to hit Day 100 (on 96 today) and want to go the 180 more!!!! I love that the world is behind us… and with us.. and lifting us! Go Solstice to Solstice!

  • Oh yes. I’m in! It’s possibly the best decision anyone could make. It’s difficult and needs careful planning especially to begin with, but you’ll never regret it. 😇

  • I would like to be sober from solstice to solstice. The thought is a little scary to me because I have never gone that long before but I am willing to try. I have a small head start (today is Day 28) and plan to do “dry January” and then take it month by month from there. 6 months sober has a very nice ring to it. I want to make the most out of 2019!

  • fragile firebird (day 7): “I’m raising my hand here for inclusion in the Solstice to Solstice magical “mission possible”! I love the connection to the Earth and it’s momentum, guiding us forward, aligned with the seasons.”

  • the ‘whole darn earth behind me’ – priceless! Yes I am in. Of course I am in. 🙂 Adds some magic and power to the sober challenge!