I have good days and bad, but I persevere until I get to the exit sign

from my inbox:

Moi (day 230): “I think it was brave of you to publish the post by the woman who attempted to trivialize your ‘level of bottom’ as someone who has little right to talk about, much less help others with sobriety. For example, if you had been drinking the night you almost crashed your car, then according to her you would have had your low bottom street cred. And you would be dead. Bullshit on that. I know you have the bottom/drinking stuff figured out, and you have the ego strength to publish that post with the knowledge that many subscribers have your back. She [maybe] feels alone … but I feel for her, too. She’s in a lot of pain, and I choose compassion over being critical of her lashing out. You are not responsible for making anyone happy. We are responsible for our own happiness.”


yesterday i asked you to look at a painting and telling me what you SAW in it. the replies were pretty amazing. it was about this painting (now sold):

What you thought the painting was ‘saying’ to you …

Jaded: “It says somebody out there cares. Actually, I think that’s what they ALL say to me:) It’s pretty obvious that I’m no artist/art connoisseur/able to see deep meanings…haha”

D: “I see myself standing in the dark color on the left still drinking. I know there is a bright light at the other end … as I wade my way through the blue, I have good days and bad, but I persevere til I get to the exit sign and I feel a surge of hope as the days go by and I feel I really can Exit the booze elevator.”

S: “I see beautiful colours with the exit sign not coloured in, making me go into it, delving in to the future. Like I will just lose myself into the painting and enjoy the colours, the skill, the art on my journey of sobriety. It’s been a good one so far.”

and then RO sent me this:

Once i saw her interpretation, i asked for a few more, like this one for #265 (sold):


and this one is for painting #266 which is AVAILABLE on the site (at the time of this post, anyway). 



I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012