what can you give up?

from me:

a couple of days ago, i asked for funny/hilarious/disastrous food stories, and i have a few more to share. you can see previous ones here

MindfulMe: “Pregnant with my first, up early making breakfast. We were having scrambled eggs. Tired and pregnant hormones mess with the Mama’s brain. I cracked the first egg, and watched my hands open the egg into the sink, and drop the SHELLS in the bowl, what-the?? I stared at the empty shells in the bowl where the egg should be. How did that happen? Grabbed the second egg. Now I’m concentrating. And did exactly the same thing! The egg went in the sink the empty shell in the bowl 😂. Shit!  I think I let hubby make breakfast after that.”

goofie roofie: “In Greece, there is a tradition of at the new year you cut a cake and the person who gets the piece with the coin will be the lucky one for the year. When you buy this cake you must ask them if they have put a ‘coin’ in – as we have, in the past, cut cakes and they were empty. I was VERY VERY sure I had asked for the coin – and our son was 3 or 4 at the time – and really wanted to get the coin. We cut the cake – and generally no one eats it – you just bang around the piece looking for the coin – we also cut pieces for family members not present, and it goes in order of age – so we cut a piece for my father, my husband’s parents, me, hub and then my son, all along we are looking for the coin. No coin. No coin. And son is getting more excited – I’m gonna get it!! I’m gonna get it!! We get through the entire cake and begin to realise.. this cake had no coin … usually these are fake coins with a christmas tree on them or something, but son is clueless on that aspect of it. and my great hub then fishes a coin out of his wallet without son looking, and puts a coin in his piece. a master magician of tricks.”

C: “I am one who never gets to finish a cup of coffee before it is cold, mainly due to multitasking and not remembering where I put the coffee cup down. One morning as I am looking for my cup, knowing it must be close since the aroma of coffee is quite strong, couldn’t find it anywhere. I look over to the Nespresso machine and there is my coffee, all over the counter, because I forgot to put a cup under the spout.”

today i’d like to hear from you about overwhelm at this time of year. but it’s not what you think! what i want to know is what are you NOT going to do this year, that you might normally do, in order to protect your sobriety. to support you quitting drinking. what can you give up this year?



hope painting, done by belle, not her husband! this is hope 09. here.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Our forever Christmas tradition has been to watch “The Bishop’s Wife” with Cary Grant ( that is, he is IN the movie, not actually WITH us, darn it). And always, always, for years and years, we have bought a bottle of [alcohol] … and [drank] all through the show. Always, of course finishing the bottle! (Truth to tell, Husband would have two or three small glasses, and it was *moi* who did the “finishing”…) This year, we will have a large thermos of hot cocoa on the coffee table before us, instead.