today is day 1 of clarity

from me:

so it’s december. and it’s my birthday tomorrow (electronic photos of cake happily accepted).
and it’s the beginning of advent.

there will be a lot of sales, a lot of end of the year blow-outs, buy this, buy that, buy all the things.
there with a lot of self-induced stress about perfect HGTV homes and perfect gifts and make-in-advance casseroles.
there will be plans to ‘fix my entire life, but not starting until january’
there will be ‘oh my god i’m hungover, can i really quit drinking now, in december?’

so i’ve been thinking about what I can do for december. something different.

and here’s what i’ve decided.

i want to challenge you to open every email i send for the entire month of december. just open the emails. click a link in each one. nothing more. you don’t have to reply. you don’t even have to read them. just be here. be present. be consistent.

and in return, i’m going to put some kind of treat or gift in each email, i mean aside from the utterly FANTASTIC sober advice (!).

i will also put a picture of some original sober art in each email, the entire month. you will look at them and see what they say to you. that’s it.

you can do that, right?

so today’s day 1. day 1 of … of giving? i don’t know. day 1 of engaging. day 1 of engaging with sober supports. day 1 of generosity. of … of clarity. yeah. clarity. i like that.

i know that holidays can be landmines of weird memories, but today i want you to search for a particularly happy one. Send me an email and tell me your favourite christmas/chanukah/holiday gift you received when you were young. The 18th email will receive a paperback copy of my book, signed, mailed to you from france. And I’ll share some of the stories maybe later today.




I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012