Update from London 2018

This is a brand new podcast (episode 273) going out today to podcast subscribers.

Recorded this ​new podcast on the train coming home from London, so the audio quality is a bit weird.

I'm also experimenting with recording and then not editing. Just letting it end up 'however' — I think this may encourage me to record more often, if i'm less worried about the right microphone or whatever.

We'll see 🙂 work in progress... everything is like everything.

I've posted the entire audio and I'll leave it up for 48 hrs. ​Listen now.

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​Sober Podcast 273. ​London 2018

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Question: Would you come to a meetup if i held one in your nearest major city? Would you come and eat homemade cinnamon doughnuts and chat? ​

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​This is original Exit painting #253. If booze is an elevator that only goes down, it's time to exit. here's the reminder you can hang on your wall.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • How do we know when writing to you, if the response is from you or your apprentice? Just curious.
    Have been enjoying the new book a lot. Glad you’re sticking with Rayna.
    I can recommend a wonderful place to stay in Central London for next time, just a short walk from the train station. Like, across the street short.
    I am enjoying this sober life so much, and am very grateful to you for helping me attain that goal. We hope to get back to Paris one last time for Christmas markets again next year, so hope we can bring more Cheerios! Hugs x100

    • My apprentice has a different email address; you’d be matched up with her. you’d be introduced to her. i don’t just have random people replying to my messages 🙂 you’d have to first (a) be penpals with me, (b) renew your jumpstart for a year to renew the penpalling, (c) ask to be matched with an apprentice in addition to me, (d) be introduced to her, (e) receive emails from her email address 🙂 .. hugs xo

  • Love you Belle. Your voice, your thoughts, your words. Don’t let your insecurities effect your awesomeness! Thank you for being you. Looking forward to your next book. Hugs.

  • Please come again! Get a better room! In the spring or summer not dark at 5pm! I was too scared to come but I want to braver please come again xx

  • Always fun to hear your voice Belle. If ever you are in Ottawa
    Toronto or Montreal for a meetup would luv to know….thanks for all u do….

  • I found the meet up an incredible moving experience (that’s why I cried!) seeing that we were all normal was also ace! I would 100% come to a meet up again and even if the one on one was too much (I was overwhelmed and almost didn’t come – it’s only because you said in your email “don’t not come” that I did!) I wanted to point out that i would pay to come to a one day seminar to hear you talk and to see the words coming out of your mouth, meet you in the flesh and also meet other sober people and talk with them and experiences family:life:what we drank: shame:regrets: how many days we were in: feeling fantastic because we don’t drink etc etc. There is not enough of this in the real world! It’s really hard to meet other non drinkers! I think that you have so much experience and hearing what you say and hearing you say it is inspiring and magical. I loved spending the day with you and meeting other normies in the same situation. I also wanted to say that I love the background noise of the train as it really makes you feel the real-ness of the recording and like we are with you on your journey. You rock belle xx

    • Hi Iv just sent Belle email telling her I chickened out of coming to London glad u went and enjoyed your very brave !! It’s so hard to find poeple ( anyone ) who understands all this or someone to talk to about Belle , no body cares no body gets it it’s not important to them but belles voice literally relaxes me makes me feel safe and worth it something Iv not felt for years anyway I’m waffling on , well done you keep going , Stell 134 AF xxxxxx

      • Sorry that you didn’t make it.
        Belle is just as warm and calming and magical in real life and the other followers are such cool people too- sorry that we couldn’t meet you this time x

      • Oh I’m sad you didn’t make it. I too was sooooo nervous; to the point I almost turned around as I got to the door… but so glad I went through with it! It’s so encouraging to meet other people like me and just spend time together.
        I hope you make it next time ( maybe I could meet you outside and we’d go in together!!)

    • I almost didn’t go as was so nervous, not least because after 90 days sober I’d had to start again and was so ashamed only to be on day two, but I also made myself go because Belle had written “ don’t not come”! It was a wonderful afternoon and well worth the shitty train journey I had back home !!😂 Looking forward to the next one. It was great to put a face to that amazing voice Belle. X

  • I know you’ve already been to Seattle, but I was too chickenshit to come at the time. If you come back, I would drop everything to come eat cinnamon donuts with you. 🙂