small notes about supreme court judges and other things #4, #5

These short message were sent to subscribers by email october 7th.

note: among my subscribers, i have – of course – people on both sides of political issues. i have women who support, and men who don’t, i have women who are in agony, and men who are nervous. I’m going to write some small notes about this over the next few days. you will take note of my impartiality. you will not email me and say ‘leave politics out of this’. I am not taking sides, nor expressing a personal opinion, i will talk about how you FEEL — and it could be about this particular judge event in the US, or it could be about other things. if you don’t have a worry or concern about the supreme court voting, then insert other words. the sentiments here will hopefully be the same, no matter the particulars.

small notes about supreme court judges and other things #4

i hear what your head is saying. mine said that too. it says “just one more” or “no one will know” or “the politics aren’t going the way i want them to” or “traffic is bad” or “i miss my mother” or “i hate my mother”. these aren’t reasons to drink. cuz then we’d just have a problem (life) PLUS an additional problem piled on top (booze).  if you do not have enough tools/supports, or if you feel wobbly, then you can add some more things including those that your head says ‘won’t work for you’ … you ask for help to exit the booze elevator. because it only goes down. today is actually the easiest day to quit, relatively speaking. and if you’re off, you stay off. no matter what. zombie apocalypse or judge hearings. no matter what.

small notes about supreme court judges and other things #5

quote from psychology today: “It’s by now generally agreed that anger … is almost never a primary emotion. For underlying it … are such core hurts as feeling disregarded [and] unimportant …
Here’s this idea of feeling unheard again. so how important is it for us to feel heard? i think it’s huge. It might even be a primary, core need. and we get to choose who we ask. we dont expect shitty people to ‘hear’ us. we don’t expect drinkers to understand what being sober is like. and we don’t resonate with people who talk about drinking occasionally, justifying it because of ‘science’. the old idea of ‘one glass of wine helps your heart’ has been disproven. and anyway, there are other ways to help your heart that don’t include pouring alcohol on your head.

[for context, these emails were sent out when Dr. Christine Ford / Brett Kavanaugh were in the American news]

quarter-painting. for small-budgets and small spaces. glue it in your journal.

stay here. stay focussed. stay true to yourself. stay sober.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012