wedding anniversary and corn

This message was sent to subscribers by email while i was travelling, september 5th.


from me:

wednesday morning. cheerios and blueberries have been eaten (will totally miss both when back in france). it’s our wedding anniversary today. the activities and celebration, though, have been planned. we’re hoping to find a place to swim. and i expect this day will include a nap and a nice random dinner somewhere. I’m not fussy about how we celebrate. well, he’s not fussy and i’ve learned from him over 12 years (13 together). i didn’t get married until later, and i’m glad i waited. he’s a good guy. kind. very little boastful macho ego. happy with a tuna sandwich. can eat 8 cobs of corn in one sitting (though last night, we had the BEST corn of my life, and only had enough for 1.5 each, will be on the lookout for more today in connecticut). thank you for the continued support of the paintings. it really has changed things for us. we have a ‘project’ together, and while lots of couples can’t work together, we often do for my catering, but not always amicably! this project seems amicable thus far (clearly he likes to paint more than he likes to chop onions or do dishes). mostly i’m in love with all of the paintings, AND he’s happy to do them, so that’s a good combo and a relief… if the people we’re currently renting this house from could see how he moves the furniture, covers the surfaces with newspaper, strips down to his boxers (so he doesn’t get paint on his clothes) and goes to work – well, they’d never rent to us again… to have a husband who is self-motivated and happily puttering away on a sober project that helps me and helps you? it’s a special kind of gift. the holy-fuck kind of gift. the holy-fuck-i-hope-i-can-remember-this kind of gift.
with love from me, in vermont, soon to be in connecticut if today goes as planned, and if not, in Maine. and if not, then in vermont having a nap. with more corn.. .

my inbox:

ShelT: “Wow, are all the posts and emails continuing to get more profound? Really amazing. And as for Mr.B and his 7 years of challenge [with his career] and recent inspiration and your acknowledgment of how that impacts you both and the big reception to his art.. um, wow. Like huge wow. It’s freaking impossible to have any idea what doors will open. Quite phenomenal. So happy for you.”


Cryssi (4 years): “I’m four years sober today. Thank you for being there when i was the most lost and helpless and terrified. How do you thank someone for helping you save your own life? Not drinking is such a non issue these days. I rarely think about it. When I was talking with my 9 year old and 21 year old today about being sober, my little guy was like ‘Did you used to get drunk?!’ (He can’t even imagine it — he doesn’t remember his mom drinking every night and all weekend.) My older son does, and he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said ‘I’m really proud of you, Mom.’
Who can measure the impact you’ve had on my life and the impact on my kid’s lives because they do not have a mom whose life revolves around alcohol?! You work on the side of the angels. i love you and thank you so much. Thanks for helping me have a life worth living. XOXO Cryssi”


Je: “… Nobody comments about the ‘shameless commercial links’ to sober jewellery. Why are the exit / sortie paintings any different? People are buying something that speaks to them, that they will enjoy looking at, and that will be another support on their sober adventure. I know nothing about art, but I enjoy looking at the picture of the day just to see how the colours make me feel. One the other day just reminded me of the beach and I felt relaxed just looking at it. The ones with a lot of red in are much more intense and dramatic. I quite like seeing what today’s colours are. No pressure to buy and the people who do are buying something very personal to them. Good on him for creating something that is appreciated and good on you for giving people the chance to buy another sober tool. You give us plenty of freebies. In my opinion what you offer on your site is like a sober support buffet. Pick what you like, leave behind what you don’t but no need to throw a drama if there’s something on the table you don’t like because chances are other people will want to pick that up.”


Sh (day 426):  how is promoting your husband’s work any different than you promoting someone’s book, podcast or other tools that help stave off wolfie? i believe supporting someone’s creative work is good whether you are buying the piece or just looking, appreciating the colors and compositions. For me, the message and tension in the art captures the sober journey in a unique way.  Different than just words. Those that buy the art as a sober treat have something exclusively theirs. Your penpals and all of your followers suck up a lot of your time and energy.  I bet there are many occasions when you have needed to put your sober work temporarily ahead of your marriage.  If your husband wasn’t so understanding you would never be able to offer the level of support you do. I feel showcasing Mr. B’s art is a great way to honor him.”


leener (day 374): “well, its about time someone complained about you showing Mr. B’s art. i had expected to see it sooner, and i was happy to be mistaken and that i wasn’t seeing it  and that people were accepting of it and encouraging it … i decided yesterday that i look forward to new art from Mr. B in the same way that i looked forward to a new [sober fiction] Rayna installment (though of course not AS MUCH =) !! ).”


original art – Exit the booze elevator – this is painting #174

(why yes, i am wearing my jammies, why do you ask?)


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012