small notes about hurricanes and other things (#5 and #6)

during the hurricane last week, I sent a series of small notes to subscribers – and some of these ideas, of course, apply to the world beyond the weather.

small notes about hurricanes and other things #5

there will come a time when more-tv-watching makes things worse. there’s a place of overwhelm, and you want to avoid it. you turn off the stimulus. you do something else. baths are good. sleep is also good. resting and chatting with people who get it are good. reading is good. organic gummy bears are apparently excellent. you don’t drink. to drink would be to add a level of complexity that you don’t need. you need ease. there is no ease in a drink. there is only starting again on day 1. you’ve done that before. this time you’re keeping going. sober. onwards. if there’s a way out, then you’ve found it and you’re staying out.


small notes about hurricanes and other things #6

now that the storm has come onto land, the video footage will be shocking. and you will feel compelled to watch (even me, on twitter). and then after 15 minutes I have to look away. not because i don’t care. but because me watching and fretting doesn’t change the event. i want to be informed (and text will do that), but video is windy-uppy. so this can just be a gentle, general warning: turn away from things that wind you up. wolfie wants you to be agitated so that drinking will seem like a good idea. it isn’t. solitaire is a good idea. listening to an audio is a good idea. dancing in the kitchen is good. staying inside if the storm (of whatever sort) is near you. protecting you is always a good idea. no matter if your storm is literal or mother-in-law-ical.


This is Exit painting #132. Exit in German.
Exit the booze elevator. Get off and stay off.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • (Day 22). My glass stone arrived today, And I decided I wanted a longer chain, so I went shopping first thing this morning (no hangover) and as I put the chain on the counter the assistant said ‘wow, that looks special’. It is special, because tomorrow me and my stone are going on a solo first ever sober holiday, and two things are in plan the first is I come home having made it to day 31, and second that I stop feeding myself morning, noon and night to compensate for not drinking and start the journey to losing a few pounds and being all round healthier. Oh-and the longer chain I chose cost 3 times more than I intended and why? Because I decided the assistant was spot on-it is special and I haven’t bought wine for 22 days. I’m not sure if I’m heading for 100 days or for forever but I like where I’m heading. Thanks for everything Belle.