Monday Celebration Roundup

If we are sober penpals, then we email all the time and I keep track of your dates. Then i can celebrate you online (here) when you hit the big milestones. like these ones:

Happy Day 50 to Alligin!

​Happy Day 50 to​ Ragdolls!

​Happy Day 50 to Peppercorn!

​Happy Day 50 to A Free Willow!

​Happy Day 50 to SoberNevertheless!

​Happy Day 50 to Pilates Queenie!

​Happy Day 50 to Coffeegirl!

​Happy Day 50 to SoberJourneyer444!

​Happy Day 50 to​ AMA!

​Happy Day 50 to​ Sky gal!

​Happy Day 50 to​ Dragonflytime!

​Happy Day 50 to​ Lotus!

​Happy Day 50 to​ Max1165!

Happy Day 100 to Sparky!

Happy Day 100 to Simon’s Mom!

Happy Day 180 to Jennifer 2.0!

Happy Day 180 to Fluffy Polite!

Happy Day 180 to Jaded!

Happy Day 200 to MindfulMe!

Happy Day 200 to Ishmael!

Happy Day 200 to ​Lex!

Happy Day 300 to Ket!

​Happy Day 365 to Leila!

​Happy Day 365 to Maggo Mo!

​Happy Day 365 to lmichel!

​Happy Day 365 to Linzeelou!

Happy Day 400 to Auntiemame!

​Happy Day 500 to Blou!

​Happy Day 500 to RetiringPartyGirl!

​Happy Day 500 to Peewit!

​Happy Day 500 to Lavender! 

​Happy Day 500 to Gina!

​Happy Day 500 to Helen!

​Happy Day 500 to Gomez!

​Happy Day 500 to Mummabear!

Happy Day 600 to Honoring Grace!

Happy Day 600 to Boozy Bett!

Happy Day 600 to A_Sober_Cannibal!

Happy Day 600 to Shannon A!

Happy Day 600 to Sisty!

Happy Day 600 to Sohocat!

Happy Day 600 to Ashley!

Happy Day 600 to Grace514!

Happy Day 600 toI ndy!

Happy Day 600 to Pwhims!

Happy Day 600 to Rachel E!

Happy Day 700 to Nomobsing!

Happy Day 700 to Hollykate!

Happy Day 800 to Patten!

Happy Day 800 to KT Web!

​Happy Day 900 to ShellMN!

​Happy Day 900 to Suzie Jay!

​Happy Day 900 to SarahBee!

​Happy Day 900 to NSRunner!

​Happy Day 900 to Case Study Michelle!

Happy Day 1000 to Sooz!

Happy Day 1000 to EMJ001!

Happy Day 1000 to Lavenderzone!

​Happy Day 1100 to Lilac!

​Happy Day 1100 to ElizabethDC!

​Happy Day 1100 to Silver Birch!

​Happy Day 1100 to Seekingpeace!

​Happy Day 1100 to Yoda!

​Happy Day 1100 to VTGirl!

​Happy Day 1100 to ​MJP!

​Happy Day 1200 to SophieSomething!

​Happy Day 1200 to Jock!

​Happy Day 1200 to Sea Turtle!

​Happy Day 1200 to Miss M!

Happy Day 1300 to Junebug!

Happy Day 1300 to Frenchie!

Happy Day 1300 to Gabbygirl37!

Happy Day 1300 to TheMadnessStopsNow!

​Happy Day 1400 to Fleur!

​Happy Day 1400 to Chatsworth!

​Happy Day 1400 to Cricket!

​Happy Day 1400 to Shar!

​Happy Day 1400 to Kenney!

Happy Day 1500 to GW!

Happy Day 1500 to JustHadToHaveIt!

Happy Day 1500 to​ Apprentice Annie!

Happy Day 1500 to ParisienneKnitter!

Happy Day 1500 to Run Dontwine!

​Happy Day 1600 to Kimf!

​Happy Day 1600 to Rose!

​Happy Day 1600 to Santa Cruz!

​Happy Day 1600 to Telling TheWords!

​Happy Day 1600 to Sherri!

​Happy Day 1600 to Lurking with Intent!

​Happy Day 1700 to Lucy!

​Happy Day 1700 to Catherine Gray!

​Happy Day 1700 to DianeLouise!

Happy Day 1800 to Kristi Coulter!

Happy Day 1800 to Sarita!

Happy Day 1800 to Ingrid!

​Happy Day 1900 to Carrie!


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

    • as you can imagine, i can only track sober dates of my actual penpals 😉 there are thousands of other people doing the challenge, but i can only keep track of those who are in contact with me as penpals! happy 100 toy you 🙂 hugs

      • I’m not sure, but your 100 days was after the date that i posted this. perhaps you’ll be on the next round up. you can email me to confirm…

      • I think you’re right! I looked at the date wrong. I saw this after my 100 days but the date it was posted was before. ? I GUESS We can still be friends. ?