100 Day Sober Challenge

Are you interested in doing the 100-day sober challenge?

​Here’s the pledge:

    “I will not drink for 100 days.  No matter what.  I can cry, but I will not drink.  I can go to bed or go home early. I might feel distressed … but I will not drink.  Bad things might happen, but I will not drink.  Incredibly shitty things may happen to someone around me, or my neighbour, or my friend’s friend’s grandmother.  But there will be no booze.  Funerals? Weddings? Amputation?  I’m not drinking for 100 days no matter what happens … No matter what.”

OK, now what?

When I was trying to quit, I had many day 1s. It wasn’t until I got more support that I started to do better. 

It's not like we can do this alone in our head.

The drinking voice is just too convincing and it ‘sounds’ like it’s making sense (when really, that voice is bullshit, but it takes some outside cheerleading to figure that out).

And the cool thing about the internet is it’s more anonymous, which can really help, at least to begin.

There are two ways to do the 100-Day Sober Challenge

​1. ​With Support

​​If you'd like a live-human, sober penpal ​and get personalized, direct responses to emails, then you can sign up for the Sober Jumpstart. ​All ​​​levels come ​with a ​sober penpal (me!).

You can email me every single day, ask questions, rant, whine, and get cheerleading. ​And yes, we remain sober penpals for a whole year. ​I'll keep track of your dates, and remind you when it's time to get treats.

If you’re like me, then you’ll will do better with accountability and cheerleading. Me on my own, I couldn’t get more than 9 days in a row. Then once I added in support, things changed. The sober penpal is part of the Jumpstart here.

2. Self-Administered

To do the sober challenge on your own, you can write out the pledge above and make a note of the date of your last drink.

Find ways to add in more tools and supports. The more you reach out, the more sober tools you add, the easier you’ll find it. Read sober blogs (mine and others) every day 🙂 And be sure to sign up to get daily sober motivation emails below.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I’ve had way too many day 1’s lately. Moderation is not working. Today, August 5, 2022 is my last day 1 for at least 100 days. Thank you, Belle, for your support!

  • I am back at day one! Trying something new writing on here. I know I will feel so much better and enjoy life once sober. Committing to 100 days today!

  • Starting 100 days,I’m a few weeks in but I going to Ireland for a wedding this week, I have some coping strategies but I think this will help me be more accountable.
    Thanks My last drink was July 9th. I feel pretty good, I’m worried about how others will view me not drinking especially at a wedding, in a drinking nation where it’s the norm and drinking is expected.

  • HI Belle, I signed up for the 100 day sober challenge several months ago now, and initially had many slips, and even a relapse. My last effort at being sober started somewhere about May 1. However, on May 17. With the help of my alcohol treatment therapist, a vast number of things floating around inside my head fell into place and I have declared May 17 “Liberation Day”. As such, I have determined that May 17 marks the new start of my 100 day challenge. It’s not that my struggle is over, but rather I get it! I got all of it!! Consequently, since May 17, I’ve been moving forward with a determination, confidence and commitment that was previously lacking, or at best fleeting. But I can and will make it! Just wanted to share some good news with everyone, John 🙂

  • I had 30 months of sobriety but decided in April that a drink or two now and then wouldn’t hurt. I’ve now had three occasions when I drank more than I intended. I’m committing to 100 days sober.

  • Everyone I socialise with drinks. Some drink literally from morning to evening and don’t even get sloppy. Me, not so much. I live in a small country town and so I have started line dancing classes a few evenings a week. This seems to be helping, also reading sober books, blogs and podcasts. I’m on day 3 (again after doing 8 days the week before) and its hard but I will commit to 100 days.

  • I decided to start your 100 day sober challenge on April 6th. I’m on day 85 today. All sorts of shit has rained down on me in these past two months — family discord, illness, loss— but I haven’t had a drink, slip or sip. I’m learning to sit with my emotions and discover that feelings won’t kill me, but alcohol will. I’m in my sober car with good momentum, and I have a sober raincoat and umbrella in the backseat for the next time a toxic person wants to pour their shit on me. Thank you Belle for sharing your wisdom in this life changing marathon.

  • Today is day 1. Again. I’ve had many day 1’s and I’m sooo tired of starting over. I’m committing to 100 days of sobriety, so help me God!

  • Day 93
    My people drink. That’s what we do for fun or to ease pain. So yeah, I miss the bonding experience. Other than that and the occasional craving for a xx, it hasn’t been so bad. It actually feels pretty damn good. I’m rediscovering myself and reinventing myself at age 50.

  • I am committed to 100 days sober. I’m hoping it will go longer, maybe forever. My last drink was June 18.