100 Day Sober Challenge

Are you interested in doing the 100-day sober challenge?

​Here’s the pledge:

    “I will not drink for 100 days.  No matter what.  I can cry, but I will not drink.  I can go to bed or go home early. I might feel distressed … but I will not drink.  Bad things might happen, but I will not drink.  Incredibly shitty things may happen to someone around me, or my neighbour, or my friend’s friend’s grandmother.  But there will be no booze.  Funerals? Weddings? Amputation?  I’m not drinking for 100 days no matter what happens … No matter what.”

OK, now what?

When I was trying to quit, I had many day 1s. It wasn’t until I got more support that I started to do better. 

It's not like we can do this alone in our head.

The drinking voice is just too convincing and it ‘sounds’ like it’s making sense (when really, that voice is bullshit, but it takes some outside cheerleading to figure that out).

And the cool thing about the internet is it’s more anonymous, which can really help, at least to begin.

There are two ways to do the 100-Day Sober Challenge

​1. ​With Support

​​If you'd like a live-human, sober penpal ​and get personalized, direct responses to emails, then you can sign up for the Sober Jumpstart. ​All ​​​levels come ​with a ​sober penpal (me!).

You can email me every single day, ask questions, rant, whine, and get cheerleading. ​And yes, we remain sober penpals for a whole year. ​I'll keep track of your dates, and remind you when it's time to get treats.

If you’re like me, then you’ll will do better with accountability and cheerleading. Me on my own, I couldn’t get more than 9 days in a row. Then once I added in support, things changed. The sober penpal is part of the Jumpstart here.

2. Self-Administered

To do the sober challenge on your own, you can write out the pledge above and make a note of the date of your last drink.

Find ways to add in more tools and supports. The more you reach out, the more sober tools you add, the easier you’ll find it. Read sober blogs (mine and others) every day 🙂 And be sure to sign up to get daily sober motivation emails below.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • It’s day 4, and wanting a drink is NOT my problem today. I’ve had a headache for two days and I’m dealing with that. I’m sure it’ll go away in a couple days. Ibuprofen takes the edge off. I knew there would likely be some withdrawal symptoms. What’s really eating me today is my relationship with my sisters. To make a long story short, a month or so ago, I had words with one of them. My sober self still feels she was way out of line, however, I’m embarrassed that my wine filled self told her so in the moment and we’ve been cordial but nothing more since. Friday night, the third sister dismissed our daily group chat saying it feels too obligatory. I put out a sober, gracious reply and left it alone. Hours later, the sister with whom I had words put in her two cents and what they are upset about couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    I know I need to address this and clear the air. However, the way I’m feeling right now, I just don’t have the energy to defend myself, or debate the details, or even care about how they feel. All I can do right now is cry. I’m so sad and wish I had the strength to make it right. Today, I can’t!

    At the moment, I’m wanting to crawl into a hole and never come out. I want to scream. I want to sleep, but every time I lie down my brain goes into overdrive. I’m tired. So instead, I’ve sat down here and am hoping that I can find some kind of peace in writing this down.

  • Today is 14 1/2 days sober for me! Although I didn’t drink a lot, I drank regularly, and it has been creeping up from one small glass of wine a night, to two drinks/night, then 1/2 bottle of wine, then during covid it became daytime drinking. I’m 60 years old and don’t want to live the precious years I have left inebriated. I get to reward myself today for going two weeks without alcohol by buying a new iPad cover. Using lots of different supports has been the best advice for me so far. Stay strong out there!

  • Today is day 2…I have told one person in my life that I am no longer drinking alcohol. I had my last bottle, yes not glass, of wine on July 28, 2020. I’ve read Belle’s first dry July blog and I’ve played that same audio track in my head over and over for years. Overall, my life is good, I’m a productive human, but at the end of the day I plan out when I can slip into that wine induced haze. I’m tired of it and feel like there is so much more to do in life. So, I’ve made the decision and now I need to figure out how to just live with it.

  • Anyone else starting today? Day 1 of the 100 day challenge. I need to do this for my health. The last time that I was sober for any length of time was probably 2014. While I was pregnant !!

    • Today is my first day 1 again… I can’t do this anymore. This morning I was shaking and sweating. Going to rest now. Good Luck.

  • Hi Belle- I am putting this online to hold myself accountable.I truly am tired of thinking about drinking and I just want this to stop. I don’t understand why it is so hard for me, or what even prompts my drinking. Is it boredom? Habit? Anxiety? All of the above? My last drink was July 19, 2020.

  • I pledge to be alcohol free for 100 days. ‘Not today’ will be my mantra everyday. I’m on day 2. Wanting to get off of this toxic cycle. I have too many amazing things in my life, including a sweet 4 year old little boy, to continue to feel crappy and make bad choices!

  • July 27 2020 starting today the 100 day challenge. Monday is a good day to start! It has become too easy to have that chilled glass of white wine every evening and invariably one leads to another. Then I end up wasting the evenings watching rubbish TV. Also my sleep and waistline are suffering. Alcohol also affects my studies and I must stop!

  • Date of last drink 7/20/2020. So 6 days Heading To a birthday party this morning so ugh. Sitting outside in this hot weather I know I will want a nice cold pretty cocktail. Today will be a challenge a test.

  • For 18 years, I was sober. My husband of 17 years, died from cancer. I started drinking in order to take away the pain and fear of being alone. I’ve made some awful mistakes during my drinking times these past 6 years. For a couple of years now, I have realized that alcohol is not my friend and only encourages me to act stupid. Several times, I decide to stop but only find myself getting to day 9. When feeling good again, I think it’s ok to drink because it’s under control. However a few days later, I am drinking again every night and day. Today is Day 15, I made past day 9. 😊 I really want to stay away from alcohol forever, but can’t wait until I at least make it to Day 100. Me and alcohol can’t be friends anymore. We are toxic and mean whenever we spend time together. I want to stay true to being my best self for my family.

  • Incredibly, I’ve managed to reach 68 days without a drop of alcohol touching my lips.

    The main difference in me now is that I can accept invitations to do things without having to always decline knowing too well that I ‘d be drinking that evening and I prefer to drink alone so noone can witness the ugliness.

    I’m still reeling from the shock of discovering that the Universe is there for me. It might sound weird or new agey but it really is. Now that wine is no longer in my life, I feel I can aspire to a more wonderful life. Make new friends and start painting again, maybe even fall in love
    I’m beginning to actually like myself and hope to reach that stage where I would never pour toxic substances down my throat. Wine is toxic for me.

    I know i will always have to be alert and never allow myself to become complacent, I’ll give it my all.

    A big virtual hug to all of you, we can do this.

    Megs (day 68)

  • I pledge not to drink for 100 days. This is my third attempt at sobriety. My first go at sobriety lasted over a 100 days. The second was 18 months. Taking Belle’s advice I have tried to do something differently and get an accountability partner. This was something I never had in my tool kit before and unfortunately both options I have tried to get an accountability partner have failed. I even went so far as to pay another recovery sight to assign me a person. Unfortunately my assigned partner was too busy to stay in touch. At least that was what was communicated to me after multiple attempts to engage My last drink was June 9th and I am on day 42.

    • Good for you I totally understand. I’ve can get sober but I can’t STAY sober. I actually stayed sober for 5 years once On day 6 today and I feel very uneasy as I am on my way to a birthday party on this hot summer day knowing I will have a very hard time not drinking booze today. The hangover is over so Wolfie is telling me I am not an alcoholic I can have a couple today White knuckling it

  • I have been sober 6 days, 21 hours, 2 minute and 15 seconds and i have never felt better! I hope to get to sign up for the 100 day challenge but if a spot does not open up, I will challenge myself to pursue it wholeheartedly!

    • Me too !!! 6 days today I will do the 100 days with you. One day at a time. I’m not feeling as excited as you though.

  • I pledge not to drink 100 days, start date 7/21/20 😊
    I love myself too much to put poison in my body any longer

  • I pledge not to drink for 100 days. I’m on Day 21 the longest I’ve been without a drink for 5yrs.. I drank 2 bottles of wine every day it became a habit and one I’ve always wanted to kick but never lasted, I don’t do moderation it’s all or nothing for me.
    This time feels different I’m fed up of wasting all my thoughts and time on my next drink and feeling like crap everyday!
    I’ve put on over 2 stone and comes to something when I’d put food groceries back at the supermarket in favour of my wine fix.
    I’ve started exercising again and feeling much better about myself I CAN DO THIS!!

  • This is day 2 for me. I drink 1 – 3 drinks, most days, and have done so for many, many years. Perhaps not a drinking problem by some standards, but I’ve tried to quit before and have always gone back, so I know I have a problem. I want to quite for 100 days to really give my body and mind a chance to clear up, and see what that feels like. I expect it will feel great and I will want to quit for good. I’m 60 and just don’t need alcohol in my life anymore!

  • I pledge not to drink for 100 days – today is day 16 alcohol free. As it is Dry July date of last drink was 31st June. Enjoying a clear head and more brain power. Sleeping better and less hot flashes in my perimenopause.
    Exercise and drinking lots of interesting alcohol free drinks to keep me going. I am the only one of two in my social group who does not drink alcohol but I have been doing really well and if I can do it then anyone can. Plus the more times I give up the more confident I get to giving up alcohol for good.
    Good luck to everyone.

  • I pledge not to drink for 100 days. I am on day 5, if I get through today i will have had my first 5 day run alcohol free in about 10 years. I never get past day 4. I am putting this online to make myself accountable. It used to be fun, I thought. But 20 years on I’ve realised it’s not fun, I’ve known for a while it’s not fun…. like quite a few years. I don’t drink everyday but when I do I drink until I black out. I wake up in the grip of fear and anxiety, I implement avoidance techniques. I avoid my friends, my family, society, cleaning the kitchen, washing my face. I avoid life. I have a beautiful daughter who needs a better mama. We have a beautiful relationship but I am impatient for her to go upstairs, go to bed so I can have that glass of wine. When she was little and I was singing her lullabies I remember wishing her to sleep as the pull of the wine was down the stairs instead of enjoying and being present in them beautiful moments. It’s not too late to be more present. I am going to be more present from today. Something has shifted in me. I have been trying to lessen my alcohol intake for several years. But it’s not the amount of days I drink, it’s the amount I drink the days I do and the feeling I’m deprieving myself on the days I don’t. Day 5 and I’m not feeling deprivation, I’m feeling liberated. I’ve never felt this way. I have joined online support groups, I have read several books on sobriety yet the most recent has created the most powerful shift in me. Day 4 yesterday, the day I never get past, I was so happy and positive, the wolf had no chance! I felt powerful as I laughed in his face, I was giddy at going to bed and reading in my spotlessly clean house. I am under no illusion I am only on day 5 and I have a long way to go until the wolf goes back to it’s pack. But I have never felt this liberated or chosen to look at sobriety as liberating as opposed to deprivation. I feel something has shifted so here I am, posting this on here to hold myself accountable! Not only have I made it past the infamous day 4 for me, but I have done it with a full bottle of xx and a bottle of xx sitting on my kitchen bench. Presents from my 40th last Thursday. I can do this! I don’t do alcohol well, it causes me grief and pain every time I do it so it’s absurd to do it at all. Feeling positive

  • Late to the party but 73 days in. Don’t know what I’m doing after 100 but so far it’s been so worth it, we got this.

  • I pledge not to drink for 100 days.
    My last drink was the 8th of June, 5 weeks ago. I drank wine every evening, between half and one bottle if I had work the next day, if it was the weekend, a lot more. I’ve not given up drinking for longer than a few nights since I was about 20…im 53 now. I’ve had enough, it’s hard. I think about wine a lot. It’s become my way of life, even though I rarely got drunk. I didn’t drink to oblivion, I knew when to stop. But I now know I was still alcohol dependent.

    • Same experience for me. Until the amount just keeps creeping up. And you are always tired and a little bleary. Looking forward to feeling good.

  • I pledge not to drink for 100 days…here I go AGAIN😩…thought I could handle my level of drinking until suddenly I feel like absolutely shit again.

  • I pledge not to drink for 100 days from 12 July 2020. I need to break the cycle and stop numbing my feelings. I can do this.

  • I am 21 years old and have been drinking everyday since about 18 or 19 as a coping mechanism. I’m so depressed and want my life back. I’ll be starting this challenge tomorrow. 07/11/2020. I need all the support i can get. Wolfie is so strong.

  • I want to feel better and focus on myself and mental health. I will not drink anymore when I feel sad, depressed, bored, happy…I can do this!

  • Sam
    Day 14 sober, after taking an OD and being detoxed in hospital. I finally had to admit my alcoholism to myself. Being honest was cathartic and help has come from so many places. I want to live and be authentic, the alternative is too bleak to imagine.

  • Sam
    I pledge not to drink for 100 days. Alchohol is getting in the way of all my goals. My last drink was July 4 th 2020. Today is day 1.