Monday Celebration Roundup

If we are sober penpals, then we email all the time and I keep track of your dates. Then i can celebrate you online (here) when you hit the big milestones. like these ones:

Happy Day 50 to Ree67!

Happy Day 50 to Simon’s Mom!

Happy Day 50 to MaryElizabeth!

Happy Day 100 to Magitinto!

Happy Day 100 to MimiDonna!

Happy Day 100 to Greenyj1!

Happy Day 180 to Liquidtracy!

Happy Day 180 to Bean7!

Happy Day 200 to NellĀ !

Happy Day 200 to Stanley!

Happy Day 200 to Leener!

Happy Day 300 to Leila!

Happy Day 300 to maggie Mo!

Happy Day 300 to lmichel!

Happy Day 400 to Alicat!

Happy Day 400 to RossFSU!

Happy Day 500 to KiKi72!

Happy Day 500 to Honey Bear!

Happy Day 500 to Resiliensea!

Happy Day 600 to April!

Happy Day 700 to Conn!

Happy Day 800 to Chell!

Happy Day 800 to Joziegurrl!

Happy Day 900 Gypsygirl!

Happy Day 1000 to Unwinedgal!

Happy Day 1200 to Southern Magnolia!

Happy Day 1300 to Janna!

Happy Day 1300 to Jacqui!

Happy Day 1300 to Kelz!

Happy Day 1400 to Shelby!

Happy Day 1500 to Hank!

Happy Day 1700 to Laurie!


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Wow – those are some major landmarks. I made it to Day 7. Starting again…but all of the comments and stories I read here resonate with me and I know this is the place to be. I trust it will happen for me. Thank you all for being here and sharing and thank you Belle for what you do.

  • Hi, I’ve done my 50 days….in fact 53 i just checked my app…..progress that I am not counting the days! Jules

  • Congratulations to all of you on the list above and to those of you that are not on the list but may have also reached a milestone like Day 1 or Day 30 or even Day 77. I reached day 50 on Sunday! In reality it is such a short amount of time but I feel like Day 1 was ages ago and I feel like such a different person than I felt that day. Happy to be here!