Audio: I’m a guest on Lee Davy’s Alcohol & Addiction Podcast

In January 2018, I was a guest on Lee Davy’s Alcohol & Addiction Podcast. More about Lee here > The Truth About Alcohol*

We talked for 1.5 hrs (no kidding!) about language, metaphors, starting a sober journey with a trial/challenge. We also examined the differences between group support (which he offers) and the kind of one-on-one support that I do.

I have sent this audio out to my sober podcast members. But today I want to share it with you.

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after you listen, post a comment and tell me what phrase from this audio is an a-ha moment for you. Something that you’ve maybe heard before, but today you REALLY heard it. Loud and clear.


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comments from listeners:

Springer: “Belle! I listened to your podcast interview with Lee Davy 3 or 4 times so far. It is brilliant!!! You are both inspiring and driven to help people. It was such a great interview. You (as always) sound very calm and graceful and wise and he also sounds like a very cool person. Thanks for sharing that with the world!!”

Hidcote:A mood isn’t a decision is such a cool mantra. And when I visualise my neural pathways changing and adapting is one of the best, comforting, uplifting feelings ever :-)”

Sami: “I went to my first aa meeting in about 10 years on Monday & felt exactly the same way I did 10 years ago, totally disconnected, it just did not resonate with me, I dont know why but I felt totally depressed afterwards, felt sorry for the people at the meeting & what they had been through & this made me sad, I dont need to feel worse than what I already do!  I understand its only 1 meeting but I went with someone who recommended it as a fabulous meeting, I just felt like it was not for me, maybe wolfie talking who knows but so not keen to go back. I just listened to your interview with Lee Davy & everything you said totally resonated with me, I got more out it than I did at the meeting. So am thinking I should sign up for the 100 day challenge today, this makes sense & see how I feel afterwards….”


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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I loved the phrase alcohol is an elevator that only goes down. I could also identify with the low frustration threshold. That is so me.

  • That we all think that every one thinks the same way about alcohol. Very enlightening. I loved listening to the conversation. Lots of recognition – especially about drinking being a treat and a reward – and lots of good ideas. At day 7 I am feeling really good and positive but have been wondering if it will get hard at some point. I think the idea of a risk assessment and plan for a hot moment is a great idea.
    I really liked the term experiment – I never really thought that I was an over drinker until I became curious about being sober and started looking at blogs and then so many things resonated and I started to recognise that all was not well! And then as soon as I made a decision to be completely sober rather than to try and moderate I felt much happier and more relaxed. And what is absolutely fantastic is all the tips and tools the help to create a personalised toolkit and help to replace old habits and associations.
    Thank you for another layer!

  • This was really lovely to listen to! Thank you for making it available! With your help, I have recently celebrated 2 years sober!

  • A great listen while traveling home in my little sober car. You have my upmost respect, Belle, for your candid responses, amazing metaphors and the humor and integrity you bring to this sober journey for me and for others.

  • People find out what is best for them [in order to stay sober]. There is no one size fits all- if one tool is not right try another… add another.

    In talking with people who are not over drinkers, they tend to lump everyone into the AA model- use labels (alcoholic)- etc.

  • Thanks for sharing. Made interesting Sunday listening. You are keeping me sober Belle. 24 days and still coasting along in my car.

  • There are so many things that got me thinking in this podcast. Like why audio ‘gets through’ and is more effective than reading. I think it is because wolfie can’t read, he prefers to watch movies. Thr thing is he can’t tell the difference berween movies in my head, on TV or real life. When I listen to your podcasts Belle I imagine you at the duck pond, talking to the geese, walking past a fur shop, coming up the stairs out of the Metro etc and your voice conjures up an image of you. So wolfie sits up and watches along. When I read stuff I reckon he goes to sleep!

    Also thought a lot about the difference between the way we treat alcohol and tabacco. Here what I have realised – if you smoke and give up you are welcomed with open arms into the huge bubbles of non-smokers. However, when you become sober you are pushed out of the big ‘think’ their happy, alcohol drinking bubble into the wilderness. This is a cold and lonely place to be. Which why having communities like this creating new happy sober bubbles is so important. Thanks again Belle.

  • Good listen, thanks for posting it Belle. Years ago if I listened to it, I would’ve found that a little absurd, comparing alcohol to dog shit. My brain is properly rewired, and it does not at all seem like an exaggeration to conflate the two.

  • A couple of aha’s… don’t drink on a fuck it moment. And it was the first time I really thought about the ‘default ‘ mode. In my Real Estate job we set up a default search mode on the computer so automatically, if no other criteria is entered, it reverts to that. I need to change mine because I was a novice when I set it up. It is so fucking irritating to have to clear the default setting every time. I really like this analogy and I know you have used it forever. It just hit me differently this time. Change the ‘drinking would be a good idea’ to a bath, or tea, or walk….Rxcellent audio Belle. Thankyou