tuesday update: the future of the One Minute Messages

Here’s the link to today’s Tuesday Update message. This is omm260, and it’s a recap of the distribution of these one minute messages, how to send them out the best way.

To hear this tuesday message, play below. nothing to download. just press play.



links mentioned in the audio:

  • Gumroad: Sign up for these one minute messages on Gumroad to get access to ALL 200+ episodes & the occasional video from paris. there’s a video about a poop truck:  https://gum.co/belle-omm/itunes
  • iTunes (apple podcast) > link
  • Get the daily email messages > link
  • Longer podcast subscription > link


And here’s the photo of my lunch, funded by the tiny gift fund.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I find the OMM very valuable, they offer snippets of what really matters. When a passing wolfie thought arises, the OMM replace that thought with Belle-ism’s. I would rather hear Belle snippets in my head than wolfie any day!

  • I too do not take the extra steps for gumroad and like the convenience of the OMM! I also often will read first then listen later when I am alone.

    This is my 2nd time doing the 100 days wine free and I think the challenge is genius. It’s long enough to get a real taste of sobriety yet not the intimidating “forever”. Finding it easier this 2nd time round and was actually excited to start…not seeing past 100 days right now but have a feeling the more I live this way the more I will want to keep living this way. Oddly if I could relate sobriety to something it makes me feel childlike. Kind of weird but you know like that preteen innocence and goodness in the world feeling? Wow that went astray from your audio recordings? Anyways just wanted to say thank you for all you do for so many strangers and without your blog I’d still be slamming back (elegantly wasted of course?) a bottle of wine every time my day was less than perfect…which is often. You are an amazing resource for people trying to better themselves and that’s such a great thing to be able to do.

    Another off topic… I love stats about boozers maybe because it makes me feel “normal” that others are as fkd up as me. Got some to share?

  • I like the immediate availability of the emailed recording! I am one of those who will not take the extra steps to go the Gumroad route. I appreciate the need for feedback and will be more mindful of that. Thanks, Belle! What you said about the sober life…no regret, no anxiously awaiting 5pm6pm….so true…hadn’t reflected on that in a long time…gave me pause, then a sense of peace and a quiet, sure feeling. 4 plus years of that…so grateful.

  • Just a thought to consider, many people don’t have iphones, there is an entire android world out there. I have tried itunes on my laptop, and it works miserably. I listen to the messages if the direct link is provided, but you’re right, I like to go back and listen to my favorites. Gumroad is extremely slow and I always seem to be in a hurry, so unless it’s a leisurely morning….So that’s my 2 cents about all that. How on earth do you keep all 4,000 of us straight?? 😀

    • Ah, I missed my point. What you are doing is fine with me. And I DO listen to the messages, I just tend to open Gumroad every few days and listen to a few at a time. I will try to remember to comment occasionally. Thank you for everything you do for us out here, your devoted followers. I don’t think I would be sober without your help.

  • OK – so I am surely not the best person to reply to this as I am so technologically challenged. I had such a difficult time figuring out messages and podcasts and links that I almost gave up on it all in the beginning. Belle was very patient and responsive to me when I would email asking her to explain how the heck to access everything.
    I do like the omm’s, I agree that they are especially useful in the very, very beginning of sobriety – kind of like a hook that just grabbed my attention and got me thinking. My first access is probably reading in an email but later , maybe when out for a walk or driving, listening to them using Gumroad. I would love to continue receiving them – also good when I am out somewhere – say a party or something and get a drinking pang – I can easily excuse myself to the bathroom and listen to something quickly that nudges me back in the right direction.