Audio: Snake or Starfish

This is an audio clip from Sober Podcast #212 sent to sober podcast members.

Are you a snake or a starfish? A snake presents only part of their story. You might talk about your husband, but not about over-drinking. You maybe tell your doctor about menopause and not the two bottles of wine.

Whereas really, you’re a starfish. There are multiple things happening. and if you don’t present all of them, then the person listening can’t always help you as well as they could.

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Fill in the blanks: I told ______ about _____ but i never mentioned _______ or _________.



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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I’m a skeptic and wonder whether “full” disclosure to a given professional about drinking or addiction would necessarily make a difference. What if you disclosed alcohol but not other addictions or possible contributors? Maybe one true disclosure is enough. Maybe the important thing is to disclose the thing you most want to keep secret. I am both a snake and a starfish. Sometimes my starfish distracts, deflects and dilutes the key issue (over-drinking) by waving around all those arms (life issues). Sometimes the snake is the thing; the only thing.

    I told my acupuncturist that I drank too much and wanted help with addictive behavior but didn’t tell her about anxiety or depression or stress or triggers or conflict or difficult family relationships or the many other tiny and large things that coelesce as my reality. She said she couldn’t help if I was not at a place blah blah energetic willingness blah blah blah make a difference blah blah childhood wounds etc. I gave her the snake: the one over-riding thing. She wanted ten starfish.

    Now I penpal with Belle. 🙂

  • I’ve many people ( more lately) I’ve told part of the story to. It’s sorta like I just can’t lose any weight so I’m thinking about trying to quit drinking for 6 months to see if that makes a difference but I don’t tell them …ive been wanting to quit drinking for years and the talking in my head prevents that:(

    • This was the same story I told myself and it finally worked. I quit for 100 days, took a week off (not recommended) and signed up for more 100 days. Now on day 505 (not counting the first 100 days). I’ve lost 40 lbs, feel amazing and now tell people I don’t drink since I want to maintain my good health and not risk gaining the weight back. It’s the truth but not the whole truth. But it’s worked for me so give it a try. Took me 8 years of wanting to stop before I did it–gained 50 lbs thanks to wine and worries. Most of the worries even disappeared when I finally stopped drinking the wine–not all at once of course but eventually my moods equalized and all the compliments on my lost weight sure help! I think I’m a starfish–not everyone needs to know my business as long as I’m honest with myself.

  • I told the dr about my falling down and shattering my face and thought I might have a concussion but not that I had consumed a large bottle of vanilla vodka before I fell. 🙁

  • I am drug addict (drugs are just one of my addictions). I was so ashamed because of it so : I told my mom about my alcohol problem but i never mentioned my drug addiction.
    Also I was in psychiatric hospital and I told about my anxiety, sadness and fears but I never mentioned drugs and alcohol…

  • I told my therapist I thought I drank too much, but I never mentioned I wanted him to agree with me and help me stop; rather, I accepted his interpretation that it didn’t sound like i drank too much.

  • Before I quit drinking I told my sober friend I had moderated my drinking, by only drinking on weekends, but I never mentioned that every time I drank I blacked out or how my whole weekend revolved around drinking