Your favourite summer drinks

you are already familiar with my lemonade with rosemary recipe.

here’s another idea from Resiliensea (day 257):  “The ‘fancy drinks’ I concoct follow a simple recipe: ice, tonic water and whatever appropriate ingredients I can find in the fridge/ garden. Things that work: Cantaloupe / Basil / Limeade / Cucumber / Raspberries / Lemon juice / Seltzer water / Orange juice. I don’t measure anything because if a craving hits, I need something fast that does not require thought.  Then I have to slow down and actually taste the drink to decide if it’s good or sucky.  Usually it calls for a second serving. Then I’m full, and much of the craving goes away.”

Doesn’t tonic + cucumber juice sound good? I have to admit that i drink a fair amount of tonic + apple vinegar (just one tablespoon added to a big glass of tonic).



I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • There is a New York Company called ‘Curious Elixirs’, herbs, spices and fruit –plus they ship!
    I like to brew strong black tea and mix with club soda, clove, and a twist of orange.

  • always seltzer or some kind of bubbly water, then a probiotic drink like kumbucha like tart cherry or pomegranate or pineapple coconut! Yum and healthy. Also we have this drink called Kevita that is also a probiotic with lots of yummy healthy flavors.
    Easy is just a lemon sparkly water with raspberry lemonade with fresh berries.

    Hugs and Cheers to yummy alcohol (poison) free drinks.

  • My AF drinks are very simple, just iced herbal teas. I just discovered a lavender and lemon tea which is great iced, lavender is really relaxing and calming so I find a great replacement! Just recently I went to festival where I would normally drink and I found a place selling ginger limeade made from scratch it was AMAZING! Hit the spot!

  • My favorite AF drinks start with sparkling water. Here’s a couple of my favorites. Sparkling water with a large orange wedge, splash of bitters, and a cocktail cherry. A summer afternoon delight is sparkling water with about an ounce of mojito mix, a lime wedge and crushed mint leaves. I’ve started setting up an alcohol free bar when I entertain–sparkling water and tonic, along side pretty bowls of citrus fruit wedges, bitters, Italian cherries, and herb sprigs.