OMM photo essay with sound – grocery store

OMM photo essay with sound

auchan grocery store, tuesday june 6th at about 4:00 pm.

if you’d like a sober pause, something to help change the channel, i invite you to listen/watch. you can come with me for a few minutes. it’s like meditation, but with pictures.


listen here:



photos here:

“regular grocery store, not the market …”



“and we come around [the corner] and we see some vegetables”



“all we get in the grocery store is 3 or 4 varieties of potatoes”



“i don’t make a fancy white sauce, i just use creme fraiche…”



“lots and lots of prepared food”



“mango chutney? no luck, but there is sauce a la mangue…” [haha ethnic delights, i just noticed that]



“eggs are stored at room temperature because they are not ________”




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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • It’s yummy and packed full of flavour, there are so many great flavours to explore and enjoy – who needs booze!

  • Oh, I forgot, you have to coat the celeriac in a little olive oil before you use it in the layers, or it might become a little dry.

    • MMMM…hello new vegetable of choice! I’m gonna have to try it! I love trying strange looking things, I’ve just never done it before and haven’t bothered researching it. How I guessed celeriac in the first place is beyond me. Sounds good

  • Can you please tell me what the big warty brown vegetable above the cauliflower is in the second photo? It’s just so beige and ugly. I want to touch it and pass it from hand to hand like a football and feel it’s weight. I am that person who has to wander through a store and touch everything I see – so this is driving me crazy. Celeriac?

    Merci 🙂

    • it is celeriac, eaten abundance in this fair city (and country). i mostly turn it into a coleslaw-ish dish with mayo. oh, that could have been an ingredient for the vegetarian curry pie!

      • Celeriac, great in soup, just cook with an onion, potato and a stock cube and then blend. Or a recipe I found in a cheese leaflet. Slice celeriac thinly, place in a greased pie dish, and layer alternately with finely sliced shallot, onion, rosemary, salt and pepper and grated cheese. When you get to the top sprinkle over grated cheese, cover with foil and cook for one hour in the oven, remove foil at the end to brown the cheese. The combination of fresh rosemary, cheese and celeriac is delicious!

  • This is great! The photo essays are so much fun. Nice to get a glimpse of traversing life in a different country.

  • Fabulous! Such an amazing glimpse into foreign everyday life. I especially loved the cooking/Sobriety analogy…replacing ingredients/behaviors–genius.
    Oh and blueberries are overpriced here as well!

  • I can relate to Soberinny, a drink while cooking…. I used to know exactly when the rissotto was ready because it was when I had drunk two large glasses of white wine while stirring the rice. Haven’t made a rissotto in ages…

  • Loved this! I’m at the food store nearly every day with 6 people (sometimes more) to feed… I like going to different supermarkets and exploring. Day 30 here…I’m finding I am researching more recipes because my brain is quieter (but I will admit I miss a drink (or 3) when cooking).

  • The photo essays are a fabulous new addition. Thanks for taking the time to do them and allow us these glimpses into your days.

  • Oh, the delights of exploring a foreign grocery store! Thanks for the culinary treat! How strange to think of peanut butter as a foreign food…..

  • I enjoyed the trip to the supermarket. I am a real foodie and love exploring all the goodies that the different food shops have to offer. I can rarely find parsnips here either, except sometimes in the health food shop. All the corn on the cobs are being ‘fed’ to the ducks for pate (horror, horror). Ah, I miss curries, London curries, don’t even talk about trying to find spices (I always bring them back with me). Try making mango chutney, it’s delicious.