OMM photo essay with sound – marché d’aligre

OMM photo essay with sound

marché d’aligre, paris, sunday june 4th at about 10:30 am.

if you’d like a sober pause, something to help change the channel, i invite you to listen/watch. you can come with me for a few minutes. it’s like meditation, but with pictures.


listen here:



photos here:


“what i cannot adequately convey to you is the smell of roast chicken …”



“what are the name of these flowers, are they peonies (pivoine)?”



“and i’m thinking: toasted tomato sandwich for lunch” (1,70 for 3 tomatoes)



“this guy’s ordering half a watermelon”



“there’s a lot of romanticism about this kind of market, that it’s all fresh from somebody’s farm”



i see a sober pineapple in here (on the right). but they were too big (strangely shaped), and were 4€ each which is more than usual.

bonne dimanche (happy sunday)



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sober treats thanks to the Tiny Gift Button.




I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • How gorgeous was that? A mere fledgling me, on Day 10, but getting into double figures is a huge step for me. And, even better, it really has not been so bad. I am dreading the first real challenge where I have to answer that voice in my head (pardon my French, but Wolfie sounds too nice, so my voice is called Vodkunt) and argue that, no, I do not really want a drink. Funnily enough, like others, the BIG events, like a work night out and girly lunch at the weekend, proved no problem. It is when I am pottering around tidying my room or ironing, that traditionally has involved booze, that is when I think about it. But, so far, think is all I have done – and only briefly. The joy of sleeping properly and wakening up to do my usual counting of all I drank the day before, then remembering I didn’t, is fabulous. Thank you for your input to that situation. 🙂

  • Thank you for the mental break! These little clips of your life and experiences are so interesting! Markets like this are wonderful and the peonies are gorgeous!

  • I loved this. Sights and sounds of a French market whilst chillaxing on my English bed. A truly sober treat. Thank you Belle.

  • This is my favorite thing that you’ve done so far! I love the pictures….and the audio makes me feel like I’m there at the market.

    • they were good! a bit sour (i still suspect they were under ripe) but that said, we’re still making our way through the kilo… i ‘should’ go back this week and get more…

  • What a fun idea. Keep these coming. I’d love a picture audio from the pond (park?) where you sometimes record your OMM’s.
    Have a beautiful week!

  • Loved going to the market with you. I can’t wait to see it in person! Did you make yourself a toasted tomato sandwich? I would love to see the park that you record from sometimes!❤️

  • Oh my goodness, that was wonderful. Paris was the first place I went on vacation by myself after my divorce and for a while I went there every year. The last time was 7 years ago and until just now I didn’t realize how much I want to go back. Please keep doing these. Going to visit the tiny gift button to encourage you to do so. Thank you for this.

  • This was so nice! I’ve been trying this sober thing off and on and i think it’s gonna stick this time! On Day 6 today and been sitting around most of day since I had foot surgery Friday….felt like I was with you walking around Paris! Thank you for my outing today…so fun!

  • What a gift to see this today. I am newly sober (day 6) and spend a few months each summer working in France. My time there was always the excuse as to why I couldn’t quit drinking. How could I possibly visit France and not drink rosé wine (and champagne, red wine, eau de vie)? Seeing this reminds me that there is more to life than clutching a booze-filled glass in one’s hand. There are tomatoes for toasted sandwiches, cherries and apricots to try and beautiful bunches of pivoine to savour. Thank you.

  • Oh my, what a treat to return to a Paris market! Those rotisserie chicken are the bomb! We always rent an apartment in Paris, then we can get a chicken for supper and have leftovers. One of our best memories was the look on the vendors face when we asked for two apricots…we don’t know how to order in kilos. It’s still a family joke. ‘Our’ market is the Blvd de Grenelle in the 15th. Thank you Belle for taking us back!

  • This medium helps decrease my sense of isolation! With 235 days sober I’m finding the daily routine of life to be the most challenging not the big celebratory moments. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this!!! I feel more connected to you and the rest of Belle’s Babes!!!!

  • So fun going to the market with you this Sunday! Such a nice change from tired of thinking about (not) drinking. Whete are we going next? Think I’ll pop out for something nice for dinner. Bonne dimanche Belle.

    • ha. where are we going next? maybe you tell me, that might work, right? and make it more participatory. maybe i do a new suggestion each day this week. why not 🙂 you can give me an idea.

      • LOVED this Belle
        I would love a walk through the gardens near the Louvre. I can’t remember the name but there is a Ferris wheel. I remember street performers and lots of good people watching.
        This is so much fun !

      • tuileries garden. yes, that i can do. it might even be lavender season there. it’s also probably too big/nice to do in one 5 minute bit. might have to split that one into parts. like a SERIAL. hahaha.

      • Well not knowing Paris very well and how far you walk perhaps a wonder across the Seine next Sunday to Jardin des Plantes to see the spring colours and a coffee at a pavement cafe with a delicious pastry. I’ll gift you the coffee. xx

      • yes, i was thinking of general suggestions, not just tourist spots. like you could say “i want to see you go to the pharmacy …” ha.

      • Would love a walk through Le Jardin du Luxembourg – ideally with children floating their bateaus on the lake – and the gorgeous and peaceful Fontaine Medici — but just fine if it’s a simple walk — ah Paris!

  • Oh, how I do love this! I would love taking more little walks around Paris (or elsewhere) with you. Thanks for the break! Bonne demanche (spell check changed it to “dominate”, God help us) from Washington, DC….another capital city!