this makes me feel better

today, let’s talk about things that make you feel better. one of the challenges of sobriety is dealing with uncomfortable feelings.

and when we feel crappy, it’s sometimes hard to remember what to DO to feel better.

For today, I would like you to put a comment on this blog post of something that you know that – when you do it – you feel better (about life, about yourself, about being sober). What one thing can you try the next time you’re having a frustrated, irritated, uncomfortable moment.

OK, I’ll begin. One thing I can do to ‘change the channel’ in my head when i’m feeling crappy is listen to music, turn it up loud, and sing along. Bonus points for singing out loud on public transit.

My blog allows anonymous comments, so you don’t have to fill in your name/email address if you don’t want to.

And to bribe you to participate, to support your sobriety, and encourage you to speak up, I will RANDOMLY select ONE comment from this blog post about 24 hrs from now, and that person will receive a sober Elevator bracelet for free.

hugs, me


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • A good Youtube video featuring dogs never fails to lift my spirits. Love the guilty dog ones or anything involving puppies!

  • I don’t just turn the music up.. I dance around the kitchen (where I have my iPhone charging station). If I COULD do anything I would go for a swim every single day – I find being in water so relaxing and refreshing. But in summer in the tropics there are a few too many things in the ocean waiting to bite you lol. Why, just this week I’ve nearly stepped on two sea-snakes that were washed up on the shore – both still alive – just..! when walking my dog. A pool would be good here 😉

  • I’m sick today. First time being sick being sober. At 9 months and some change life is getting better and better. Today I took daughter to school (normally has to take the bus). Cleaning up her room and making a decent dinner. I work a lot so these are things that I often fall short on. The simple joys in life go a long way.

  • A hot chocolate, or a herbal tea. Fresh air. Loud music. Having a dance, even if you’re on your own. Especially if you’re on your own.

  • After a year sober I have realised that I actually don’t have any good reason to drink. That being the case, I’ll just stay where I am

  • I go in the bathroom…YES THE BATHROOM…and I turn the water on…sit down (lol this is ‘t going anywhere gross) close my eyes and just friggin BREATHE. In and out, slowly, and after a few of those breaths I feel sooooo much better.

  • Scheduling alone time, curled up in my comfy chair, doing my crossword puzzle and watching some tv. Just thinking about doing this gives me something to look forward to and feel good about.

  • Thrift shopping helps me feel better. I walk up and down the isles thinking about ways I can re-purpose the discarded hidden treasures. I find that helps redirect me toward creative thinking which in turn leads me to positive thinking. Making something “broken” beautiful again is what sobriety is doing for me.

  • Exercise early in the morning followed by a small meditation on my intention for the day. Something simple like “even with all the shitty and hard things ahead, I pledge to be calm, patient, understanding”.

  • Recently I’ve found if I pause and reflect that I’m still sober after 2.5 years. Then I imagine my actions I would have taken in my pre-sober world. And I’m happy where I am. Really.

  • For those times when I can’t exercise or go for a walk outdoors, it works to put in my headphones and listen to a Sherlock Holmes story from old radio dramas with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. My not-so-guilty pleasure.

  • Conscious relaxing. Even when at work, or one crowded train, or at a social event …. focus on allowing tension to drain from arms and neck areas, breathe more slowly and deeply, imagine sitting (or standing, or lying) somewhere warm and pleasurable, stretch yourself taller, chin up, smile 🙂

  • If allowed I pet my furry babies. Coloring, picking one thing to cook off of Pinterest,knitting, reading Bella Grace magazine, working on my vision board.When I am really down I put on my Sober is the new black necklace and watch intervention episodes to remind myself how far I have come and that I am not alone.

  • I close my office door in the middle of the day and cry. For some reason, it feels good to have feelings and express them. I’m on day 33 and this is still quite hard and for some reason crying makes me feel better. Then I play some nice music on my speakers.