Sober Solstice

From Sober in Richmond (The Solstice Guy): “I started my 100 Day challenge on Winter Solstice [and is celebrating 2 years sober today] … If there is anyone out there who needs some motivation to start – perhaps they can do the Solstice to Solstice. It really helped me to have the power of the whole darn earth behind me rather than a day or date on a calendar. I like Winter to Summer because the days get longer, and each day brings about more promise and more hope. It’s an incredibly magical thing, the Solstice to Solstice!”

Imagine it’s the shortest day of the year (tomorrow in the northern hemisphere). Imagine you’re sober starting tomorrow, December 21st. It can be your Day 1 or maybe it’s your Day 50. Or 400. Doesn’t matter. Can you see yourself sober on June 21st? Summer Solstice. Stand here. Look ahead 180 days. Because if you think the view from day 100 is great, wait until you see 180 days.

  • If you’d like to be sober from Solstice to Solstice, you can put a comment below.
  • To have 100 audios to listen to, you can get them here. These are archived podcasts episodes #1-#100.

I like the idea of having the ‘whole darn earth behind me’ – how about you?


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Being an earth loving, wilderness roaming woman, I totally love this nature based way of looking at recovery. I’m in, too!

  • I love the this! Love that each day going forward means a tiny bit more of sunlight . Love that each day of this new journey would bring me closer to the “new me” in the bright sunshine. Very motivating! Starting the journey today. Thank you for posting this opportunity!

  • I’m going to finally do this. I’ve been watching my husband drink every night (I’ve been drinking a few times a week) and it makes me realize that I don’t want that in my life. I feel ready (again) to tackle this.

  • I’m on day 94 here (thank you, Belle!) And yes I’m up for a solstice to solstice further 180 days. I started last summer solstice, had a few lapses, learnt a lot alot along the way and finally started my 100 days on 19 Oct 2016. Here’s to a further block of sobriety xxx

    • I’m definitely in. It’s pitch black outside my window, but the light will slowly return to Finland during the next two months. What an metaphor for getting sober.

  • I think this is a great idea! Since I’m resetting anyway, tomorrow until June 21 sounds good. I like the idea of the earth behind me!

  • This is my Day 5 and with the pressures of the Holidaze upon me, I am starting to feel the struggle of not having my usual end of the day drink(s) to relax. Needed this message of light from the Solstice Guy…I do believe in the power of nature (it’s just hard to remember those gifts/tools when I’m feeling all pouty and pitiful ☹️). Needed this reminder in this moment. Thanks to one and all…Happy Solstice!

  • I’m in! THIS is my spiritual and really personal last ever Day One and I feel connected and at ONE with the Universe and solid on the Earth. My Dad grew up playing – literally! – on Newgrange in Ireland, a monument older than the Pyramids and which was created around the solstices, so it is very special to me! I wanted to do this in June but I wasn’t ready. I am SO truly ready for this now! Good luck to one and all!! Carpe Diem!

  • Congrats to you Solstice Guy and thanks for this inspiring idea! I’m in. I’m on day 120 today (yeah, me) and am looking forward to reaching the summer solstice sober, as well!

  • I love it. Return of the light, both outside and within us. I will be sending light to all the Day 1’s out there! You got this!

  • Love this! I’ve been trying to orient my life more around the solstices but hadn’t thought of connecting the solstices — so obvious!!

  • Yah Solstice Guy!!!!! I remember first reading about his decision to start on the Winter Solstice, and he came to mind this week as the solstice comes around again. So glad to hear he’s doing well!