Audio: Q&A Post-Goal Letdown & Collecting Sober Tools (episode sp159)

Yesterday I recorded a question and answer live broadcast for my longer, weekly sober podcast series. You’re familiar with the one-minute audios. These are longer, meatier.

Part 1 of the Q&A call (episode #159) covers these two questions:

~ What to expect after day 50 (which ties in with the idea of post-goal letdown at day 50 or 100 or 180, more ideas about rewards, and looking forward)

~ Mom of twins on day 6 asks how to keep going (i talk about not just collecting sober tools, but also having accountability so that we USE our tools)

Heidistar says: “I opened your live broadcast link and listened from my office on low-low volume. There are people coming in and out. Chance of boss walking in. I still listened. I’m finally putting my sobriety before everything else. I should have been doing work, but making sure I got all the way through day 40 today was more important. Great to hear the questions and answers. I’m sober right now. It doesn’t matter what stressful happened at work earlier today. Who said what. What email was the most irritating. I’m sober, la dee da.”

The full audio recording for this episode is 15 minutes long. Here’s a 3.25 minute preview¬†of perhaps the most important part of this entire broadcast.


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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I’m at day 37 and today was a stressful day.I didn’t realize there was a let down at specific day points but, I knew something was wrong. So, I had a blueberry muffin at 4pm for a treat. The idea came to me in a fit of Wolfie. He was saying–You’ve done this long enough. This is not fitting with your friends or your lifestyle…we have a friend popping in from California and those drinking day’s before kids and he will want to have a bottle of wine…Oh Wolfie, Wolfie, Wolfie…you bastard you! Butr, guess what I have a great idea!! I’m going to have my sober treat!! I can’t lie….In the middle of the stress of a mad client, a demanding boss (I hate texting) and my daughter griping me out for being late to pick her up (7 minutes). Well I was having some stress because it was all happening at once and for a second standing in my office door, I thought I want a drink. But I didn’t!! I had a blueberry muffin instead heated it up and it was amazing! Took a deep breath and here I am typing away.

  • Agreed. Support is so important. And you have to be honest with that person who’s supporting you. If you still drink, and lie about it to them, it won’t do you any good. I actually did that to an ex sponsor…and I’m so not proud of it. Getting input, and just being able to honestly talk to someone that “gets it” is a huge help. Feeling all alone, and discouraged isn’t a good place to be, and as much as it logically sounds like you can do it on your own…I mean, it’s just a matter of not drinking (it’s not complicated in the logical sense), you really do need the help, especially in the beginning, to pull yourself out of that hole.