Audio: Live Group Call

Yesterday was the best day. I recorded a 90 minute LIVE group call as a special bonus for book owners. Holy. You won’t believe this audio.

We hear from MichelleS (she’s in this month’s upcoming case study), we hear from apprentice SoberP about her sober wedding. You hear from me talking about how to dance sober, the disappointment of attending arts events that really only excuses to drink, and the true joys in being sober. Hoooray.

The full audio is 90-minutes long and it’s included free for book owners. If you’ve ordered a paperback copy, an e-book, or the audio (or the bundle!), then I’ve already added this 90 minute audio to your library.


Edel-Ann: “What an amazing call.  It just hit the spot that I needed.  I so look forward to getting my bundle and start to read them.  I love the gentleman at the end who was the Dad with over 800 days.  As you know I lean on the quieter side and this just really was a gift.”

Julie-Joy’s Dad (day 831): “Thank you for the invite for the conference call.  I enjoyed it very much … If I had more time, I would have told you that this program (or whatever we call this — journey) has helped me find that “switch” that keeps me sober.  I never thought I would be the guy who was the worthless alcoholic or the skid row bum, but after looking over comments  I received from my family, I realize that I was already that guy; in disguise.  Counting with you and my family and the occasional emails to and from you is my connection (my switch) to sobriety. I believe we all have a “switch” that we can turn on and off.  It is knowing about it and learning to turn it on is the trick.  So now I am addicted alright; addicted to sobriety.  I have learned to deceive Wolfie.  I don’t say never as in I am never drinking ever again.  I know better, but I sure love being at 831 days and counting. Again, thanks … (I’m proud to be one of your 15% men).”

The full audio is 90 minutes long. Here is a 2 minute preview:



I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • from AnnW: Loved listening in on the call today. I think the biggest take-away for me was just being on a call with so many people LIKE ME! It really felt amazing to hear other people’s voices and know that I wasn’t alone.