Friday Celebration Roundup

Happy Day 50 to Auds

Happy Day 50 to KaffyB!

Happy Day 50 to Itssue!

Happy Day 50 to Jacci2!

Happy Day 50 to Honeybadger!

Happy Day 50 to Laure!

Happy Day 50 to Nell!

Happy Day 50 to Rosalita!

Happy Day 50 to Wren1450!

Happy Day 50 to Mia!

Happy Day 50 to Sully!

Happy Day 50 to Cozzarella!

Happy Day 50 to StayingAlive!

Happy Day 50 to Rachele!

Happy Day 50 to KLC!

Happy Day 50 to AnnieO!

Happy Day 50 to CarolynW!

Happy Day 50 to Country Pat!

Happy Day 50 to Jana Hope!

Happy Day 100 to Lottie!

Happy Day 100 to Fern!

Happy Day 100 to Coco!

Happy Day 100 to Bruna!

Happy Day 100 to Lois!

Happy Day 100 to NLW!

Happy Day 100 to ShellMN!

Happy Day 100 to Susie Jay!

Happy Day 100 to AverageJoe!

Happy Day 180 to Tree!

Happy Day 180 to Lucia!

Happy Day 180 to Moon Alley!

Happy Day 180 to Springer!

Happy Day 180 to Juliejean123!

Happy Day 200 to Ami!

Happy Day 200 to Bladerboy!

Happy Day 200 to Rich!

Happy Day 200 to Twisty!

Happy Day 200 to E-Z!

Happy Day 200 to Sooz!

Happy Day 200 to Sanna!

Happy Day 300 to Beck!

Happy Day 300 to Ginette!

Happy Day 300 to Mil!

Happy Day 300 to Lyra!

Happy Day 300 to ElizabethDC!

Happy Day 300 to Silver Birch!

Happy Day 300 to Seekingpeach!

Happy Day 300 to Yoda!

Happy Day 300 to VTgirl!

Happy Day 365 to TK!

Happy Day 365 to DW!

Happy Day 365 to Celene!

Happy Day 400 to Mythreesons!

Happy Day 400 to SoberBuddy!

Happy Day 400 to Honner!

Happy Day 400 to Gingerade!

Happy Day 400 to SophieSomething!

Happy Day 400 to Rache B!

Happy Day 400 to Yogayamagirl!

Happy Day 400 to Jock!

Happy Day 400 to Sea Turtle!

Happy Day 500 to Joannie!

Happy Day 500 to Junebug!

Happy Day 500 to Chace!

Happy Day 500 to Nowine59!

Happy Day 500 to Marbear!

Happy Day 600 to Fleur!

Happy Day 700 to Gra!

Happy Day 700 to IrishDee!

Happy Day 700 to GW!

Happy Day 700 to JustHadToHaveIt!

Happy Day 700 to AM!

Happy Day 700 to Darla!

Happy Day 700 to Parisienne Knitter!

Happy Day 800 to FitFatFood!

Happy Day 800 to Moore!

Happy Day 800 to Abwalsh!

Happy Day 800 to Crispy!

Happy Day 800 to Kimf!

Happy Day 800 to Jacques!

Happy Day 800 to Rose!

Happy Day 800 to Santa Cruz!

Happy Day 800 to Phoebe!

Happy Day 800 to Telling The Words!

Happy Day 900 to Anna!

Happy Day 900 to Jeroen!

Happy Day 900 to Quinn!

Happy Day 1000 to KC!

Happy Day 1000 to C How!

Happy Day 1000 to Sarita!

Happy Day 1100 to Digs!

Happy Day 1100 to Carrie!

Happy Day 1200 to Amy!




I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • B says:

    Yay everyone! I’m on day 44. 🙂

  • Lisa June says:

    I want to be here too! Day 7

  • Coco says:

    100 days…It feels fantastic!!!!! Going for 180 days next. All you early folks, hang in there, it’s worth it. Listening to the podcasts really helped me through. There is something about hearing Belle’s encouragement that got me over some very rough spots in the beginning. And thanks, Belle, for your unwavering enthusiasm and support. We love you!!! Coco

  • Saranika says:

    No more excuses!

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s possible! I just have to look at all your success . Thanks everyone for being an inspiration , for someone on day 6

    • Dancing Rabbit says:

      So many people either don’t try or don’t succeed in getting to day six. You’re in great company. You and everyone on the list. Well done.

  • I love seeing everyone’s names!
    Happy Celebration to all!

  • soberinny says:

    got to 65 days (or so) and am back on day 1……hope to make it to 100 and beyond eventually.

  • AM says:

    700 precious days. Absolutely incredible to reflect back on everything that has become possible with that single choice. Thanks for swimming beside me Belle xxxx

  • Marbear says:

    Thanks again Belle for reminding me of my days sober-500-wow! Never would have thought it.
    Congrats to all.
    Even though I stopped counting my days
    months ago, it is ALWAYS enjoyable seeing my name in the Friday Round and serves as a confirmation that One day at a Time can eventually add up quite nicely.

  • Phoebe says:

    Day 800! Who would have thunk it? I signed up for 30 days and then one day at a time from thereafter. I am not so good at sharing but depend on those of you who do. Thank you for all the sober support!

    • Belle says:

      i did the same thing! quit for 30 days and then said “just a bit longer…”

    • Dancing Rabbit says:

      Phoebe I’m with you on that. each day offers multiple opportunities to drink. And you’ve turned them all down. Congratulations on being consistently consistent.

  • Edel-Ann says:

    Congratulations everyone. I look forward to my name here one day. Day 3.

    • k says:

      Same. wow that is really amazing to see so many names listed. On day 5 so we will get there together.

      • Margaret says:

        Hi K. It is amazing seeing all the names. We will get there together. Another new day and another day sober. No hangover. ?

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