If you are looking for explicit permission, I will state the obvious in case you’ve missed it:

You don’t need anyone around you to join you. You do what’s best for you. You don’t need anyone’s permission. You do what’s best for you.

You have done plenty of alcohol research. You have tried making drinking rules. You’ve tried moderation. You’ve tried drinking. You know the results.

What you haven’t tried is a longer period of sobriety research, to see if you like it, to see if you feel better (you will).

It’s OK to not drink. Nobody needs to consume alcohol. Drinking is not required. You feel better without the booze. You can give it up.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I will be doing some serious sober research, I will be on vacation in 12 days. First one one in 4 years, I drank on 9 out of those 10 days. I am both excited and nervous about it. Excited to experience this vacation sober, nervous because I hope I have the right tools for this, I know what works for me in my everyday life. Maybe I will need to use my tools more often, or try different ones. It Will definitely be a learning experience.

  • No one needs to drink. Perfect, and yet sometimes so hard to remember in this society. I’ll keep this as my mantra.

  • As someone who loves to study..anything, sober research really resonates with me..Day 36 heading for 100 and know that I need to reach out, post and participate, as an added tool in the toolbox, so here I am!

  • Oh good, glad I came across this one! That’s what I needed to hear. No one needs to drink. That’s a tough one to remember the way society is, but also think back to the clever marketing and the incredible amounts of money not only made by the companies but the govm’t in taxes. Stupify the masses. We are more of ourselves as whole beings, just being. Few!

  • I like the idea of sober research. I think it’s a great phrase. Starting day 38 today of sober research. And looking forward to making your list of congrats on day 50 soon.

  • Absolutely great motivation! I’m on day 5 (not much compared to a lot of these fine folks) but feel marvelous already! I’m going to meet some gals this eve and know everyone will be drinking but have already decided there is no way and I don’t give a crap about what they think…like many of the comments I read here, I have tried to stop/cut down/make a plan before but I feel like the challenge and support here is so real. I’m so happy to have found this space and Belle’s inspiring words and support.

  • Currently on day 20 of my sober research. I feel so much calmer. I drank because I was anxious, which in turn, made me more anxious…. I have to take care of ME.

    • I am on day 19 and totally agree. Today i’m struggling, not so much with the alchol but with weed. I’ve used it alongside alcohol for the last 12 years, so when i stop one i justify the use of the other. I have a fear of myself and true sobriety i think. I’ve been pretty busy the last two weeks with work and studies which has been good as i’ve thrown myself at my work to take my mind off things. I haven’t, however, been day dedicating any time to my sobriety which i need to. Today if nothing else has been a wake up call.

  • THANK YOU! I needed that clear, true and concise reminder, especially after some grilling I got last night about why I wasn’t drinking. No, I am not joining in the drinking to make the other people feel more comfortable with the fact that they’re getting pissed. No, I’m not joining in because that’s what you are used to me doing.
    Maybe I’ll try a response along the lines of this post next time..
    “I’m doing a research project and in 37 days I’ve already concluded my life is 80 billion times better without it!”

  • It is that simple. Thanks for cutting straight to the truth. No extra words, no crazy, mental work arounds just the open ended possibility of a much better present and future. Thanks as always, Belle.