Audio: Ranty Belle (Part 1)

In this audio, I start off sweetly enough. Talking about why we need to have a new ‘off’ button once booze is removed.

Then the sweetness turns into ranting.

I say things like “I Call Bullshit” and “Not Possible.”

This is the first time this has happened (ranting on a podcast, I mean). It’s either motivating or scary. Not sure.

This podcast was originally recorded in front of a live audience so it’s longer than usual, and has been split into two parts.

Comments from the chat while it was being recorded:

Taylor: “Love the ranting, it helps me remember to stay passionate about getting sober and not get complacent. Keep it up.”

GloMix: “We all rant in our heads about booze, so it’s great to hear it coming from you. It’s positive to get it out there.”

redhookgal: “The ranting puts my shit in perspective. thanks!”


Here’s an extract from the podcast part 1. This little clip is about 3 minutes long. I am ranting. I don’t normally do this. But from time to time, it might help.


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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I don’t know how someone deals with the difficult days in life on the booze… the shit will just add up to a giant pile of crap while you’re “away on your escape”, except you will come back (if you do come back) to these problems with “alcohol anxiety” and it will seem a lot worse! “You’ve got to be f%#king kidding me” really sums it all up!

  • It sounds more like tough love than a rant to me. There are times to coddle and sympathize but justify? There are never times to justify alcohol, not, to us boozers.

  • I listened to this audio a lot over the summer. My last day one was June 24th, I remember this audio well, going for walks and listening to audios when I wanted to “escape”. I love Ranty Belle! Definitely needed some one to call bullshit.

  • Yep, all thoughts,emotions,activities,occasions,achievements, …..lead to drinking. Wolfie can and will use everything to get to you. Rant on! Scream it from the mountain tops!

  • As I sit here feeling like a broken shell of a person, a third reset for day one today, I also call bullshit on booze.I reached 100 days sober in Oct and had already mentally allowed myself to have a drink for my Mother in laws 70th, which I did…. was there an off swtich after 100 days?????… guessed it…NOPE!!!! nothing had changed even after 100 days.
    I left it a few weeks to see if I could moderate…..hahahahaha now after a month and a half of moderation I am sick with the flu, my body feels broken and I am over it all over again. So Belle please feel to keep ranting because one day I may actually get it. Thanks Belle, Love Sober Sass,

    PS if you reach day 100….dont relapse Wolfie is still that same old a-hole he was before except worse because he convinced you to lose those 100 days of blodd sweat and tears sober momentum…for what????To be stuck back at Day 1 a month and a half later.

  • I loved the swearing. It’s all true. The path we take when life gets hard, or boring or happy or mundane. We’ve conditioned ourselves to think the booze path will solve it all and it’s just not fucking true!!

  • Oh good lord the stupid reasons I used to come up with to drink! I could say no to my kids, my husband, my friends but couldn’t say no to booze. I missed out on a lot of life.

  • This comment might be too rainbow, but I say we need to learn to love, accept, and forgive ourselves – warts, mistakes, imperfections and all. It is another way to dehydrate Wolfie.

  • ha ha ha. I totally agree though–it really is insane when viewing from your side. lol And I love the previous post by Sandal—booze does not equal self-care…totally true.

  • Booze DOES help. It helps impair consciousness and cognitive ability. It helps destroy awareness and judgement. It helps to soften, to blur, to slow down, to numb, to turn white and blue, it helps marbled fresh slowly rot and then decay from the inside out. The soul goes first, then the emotions go and finally the body decays. See, it HELPS you forget for about 1/2 hour or longer but nothing changes in reality. You’d be better off breaking the other arm just to distract yourself. Then lapping the booze out of the dog bowl (you didn’t trip over the dog, lying to yourself again, you fell whilst intoxicated) with your two broken arms in plaster. Booze helps you ever so slowly kill yourself. It’s just a slow suicude. Nothing glamorous there. It’s the ultimate escape alright.

  • Ranty Belle is not my favorite. I get wanting to rant. Nothing more frustrating than listening to a person run through all the “yes, but” reasons (rationales, justifications) for why they just have to do the thing they want to do despite knowing it is a bad choice. When I first listened to this particular podcast in full early on in my 100 day challenge the ranty bits very much rubbed me the wrong way, more so than the clip does now. Who knows, maybe the greater my sober momentum the more tolerant I’ve become. Paradoxically, I have felt compelled to get ranty about certain things even though I am not motivated in the least by others ranting at me, even if it might be deserved, even if they might see clearer or know better than me.

    • sorry you find this one a bit harsh. you know from my usual content that i’m about 96% sweet 🙂 and sometimes i do a bit of ass-kicking. but not often!