Audio: Emotional Honesty

This is audio #107 for my weekly sober podcast thingy.

it’s about emotional honesty. I hit a wall while on vacation, and i just got tired of talking about nothingness. maybe this happens to you, too. i started to really crave some ‘sober’ discussions. Recorded offline, mid-way through a run, standing in an alley.

The full audio podcast runs for about 13.5 minutes, and here’s an extract. It’s 3 minutes long.


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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Thanks for writing/recording this. I feel like this almost all the time. I think it’s why I like spending time alone so much, and live just with my dog. Why are so many people too uncomfortable to talk about anything real?

  • It’s funny because it’s true. I find when I ask people, ‘How are you?’ they’ll fill you in with all that ‘work is fine, kids are fine’ like a routine, but a fake routine they’ve practiced a million times…….but I asked HOW are you? That means, happy, sad, frustrated, etc?

  • I LOVE your honesty in this! It’s so oooooh true – I have friends like that who give the facts and no feeling – no rawness and show their emotions. I love being real now. Thanks belle! X

  • I try not to be around people like that as much as possible. I’m a massage therapist at a high end wellness center and listen to the most ridiculous superficial crap all week long. I’m so glad to come home to my dog and the beach 🙂 . I hear you.

  • So funny you posted this because it expresses just how I felt last weekend at a gathering with my husband and some of my closest friends where they’re talking presidential politics and quoting The New York Times and NPR, but it’s really just a bunch of unreal bullshit to me! Nary a word about a feeling or a philosophy of life or a real life struggle. Just a bunch of blah, blah, blah for the better part of the evening. So glad I’m not alone in feeling this way! I, too, depend on the sober sphere for a daily dose of shit that actually matters. Thanks for this, Belle. 🙂

  • You start the conversation. You get to say…”I just read this amazing thing about this young man who lost his partner to addiction and he is now 100 days sober.” Put it out there…it is food for all to chew on and it is exhilarating to lob truthful reality into someone else’s court and watch what they do when they have to handle it. I love telling people that I am on a sober journey cause I can’t drink. Especially those who drink in excess. Deal with it. Just my little thought.

  • I feel like that more often than I care to admit. At work, at home with my boyfriend, with my family. I don’t know how to get around it.