you’re ok

if you can’t come up with any solutions because the wolfie superhighway is too fast, well-worn, then you reach for external supports. someone with some experience. someone who can say: you’re fine. it’s fine. you’re OK.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I’m back at square one. Day 1. I feel like a failure. I tried making progress on my own-without reaching out or posting to this blog. It’s harder than I thought and I need the external support.

    • myself, as well. but I’m back in the saddle this morning and forgiving myself. and in my mind I am telling myself I have 23 days with a hiccup! don’t be too hard on yourself.

    • You can do it.
      I started by doing everything,
      Belle’s 100 days, AA, WFS, writing a blog, getting a therapist and a life coach.
      As Belle says, if what you are doing isn’t working, try something else.
      (At least I think that is what she said!)

    • Hello. I tried the sober challenge last summer and was able to complete 30 days. I decided I didn’t need the support, but after my most recent 4th of July antics, I’ve decided to give the challenge another try. So here I am, starting over at Day 1. And I realized, I’m fun to be around without beer –so why am I so bummed out to be here again? I know if I keep my head up, and stay positive I can get through anything. I have found that this website is an awesome outlet because, well, sometimes out of nowhere you get this feeling that everything is wrong. You reach out to friends and family, but nobody picks up. You feel all alone, even if you know you aren’t. That’s when taking a look at the blog is helpful. It helps carry you through until you can reach out to someone for support. I know I can do this. I sincerely want to change for the better and alcohol has been the cause of so many problems in my life. Here I am, starting over. And, well, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

      • Hi there, if you’ve signed up to do the challenge with me previously, then you have a member number 🙂 just send me an email and i can get you restarted. hugs xo

      • the further you get from day 1, the better you feel. keep going forward. you’re definitely alone. there is lots of support for you here. hugs.

  • This is day 20 for me. And I’m having a hard time today. I want a drink. I keep telling myself, normal people don’t drink at 1pm. Alone. In secret. Hang tight. Stay the course. This too shall pass. I’m trying and hopefully I won’t blow it. I know how much I’ll hate myself tomorrow if I give in to this craving. Nearly 3 weeks! I haven’t done that in DECADES! I need a sober pen pal.

    • We all drink alone because no-one will let us drink the way we want to and we don’t want anyone to see us. Hang in there. The beautiful morning tomorrow will be worth it!!

      • I understand this very well. Got a call from the IRS today about a 2009 audit (don’t they freaking know I am only on Day 5????). SO of course, even though I do NOT want to drink, I start thinking about it.
        Not because I crave it.
        Not because I am REALLY wanting to drink. Just in some sort of bizarre abstract way like…..this is going to MAKE me drink.

        Also, of course we drink alone….more for us, cheaper, no driving involved, and no witnesses.

        So I emailed Belle. Next, I am downloading a new to me audio. The one called   #24 (SP024) – Reframing Part 1 – Life is Hard / Booze is My Crutch.

        Hang Tough.