weekend audio: hockey?

From my inbox:

ST: I kinda wish I could have you to tell me at 5:30 pm what a shitty idea drinking would be, especially over a hockey game… Have you ever done personalized audios? I swear I’d buy one today…lol…

So I asked her a few more questions to get the idea of what she wanted.

Here’s what I recorded for her. It’s archived podcast #94: Hockey.

love, me


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I think it is hardest for us boozers to understand the reality that there is “no good reason to drink” because we have been inundated with the social “brainwashing” (yup I’m reading Vale & Carr) that drinking provides legitimate benefits. Not only is drink, drink, drink coming from the voice in our head…sporting events are drinking favorites for the masses, birthdays, weddings..etc. It’s bad enough to have to fight your inner voice, but society is dishing it out to you as well. For example, went to watch a marathon today, and guess what they were giving the runners after the race?!?! BEER! Talk about are you kidding me. Just what you need after an endurance race…alcohol. Brilliant

  • It’s lovely to hear your voice Belle! ‘The only time you decide not to drink is now’ – Yes, that is deep and so true. Wolfie is great about tellling you about sometime in the future that you will need to drink. For me, it’s the beach holiday in Spain. Where the f**** does that come from?! I haven’t been there for YEARS on holiday! Thanks Belle xxxx

  • Booze anesthestizes – well that’s the bottom line reality. Do I need to drug myself to do “X”? No, no, NO I DON’T.

  • I was reading a blog last week and the blogger was writing about how she didn’t know if she could celebrate her anniversary without drinking. I wish she could have listen to that audio, it is so spot on. Thanks for all you have done for all of us!

  • Perfect hearing this on the weekend. I was just jonesing to get a bottle of wine and let the anesthesia flow. You were able to make my plan sound like a rather ludicrous idea. Thank you Belle.

  • Yay, ST! Keep making that choice! I’m at day 400+ and it gets so much easier. Still check in here daily for support and encouragement. These audios are a good idea!

  • Also, I am not a sports fan, so I actually willingly “anaesthesized” myself with copious drink whenever forced to attend or watch a sporting event. Drinking to avoid endless boredom. Ditto waiting at airports when my flight is delayed. Totally different kind of trigger for me.

  • Lots of good stuff here. Sporting events, vacations, and even the prior comments about drinking with friends you used to drink with…and being uncomfortable (peer pressure) all good subjects to review in depth. All triggers for me, but each event gets a little easier!

  • The image of laying on a stretcher, hooked up to a bottle, anaesthetizing yourself to fall asleep/ lose consciousness really resonated with me. That’s exactly what we do when we drink, and yet, (until we see the light), we convince ourselves that it is actually enhancing our lives and adding to whatever situation we are drinking in on that particular occasion. You wouldn’t look forward to an occasion, be it a holiday, sports game, night out, summer barbeque, whatever, and then happily administer a medical anaesthetic to yourself in order to miss the whole thing!! It’s so obvious, but has never struck me in such a clear visual way before. Excellent metaphor Belle, this image will stay with me. X

  • Thank you Belle. You make it so simple with what’s basically common sense. It’s helpful to listen to things like this when stupid wolfie starts talking. I would love to hear how to deal with being in social situations with friends you used to drink with that don’t know I’m an alcoholic and I don’t want them to know I’m supposed to go to dinner with some old friends that I know will be drinking and I think will be shocked to see I’m not. The whole idea of dealing with this makes me want to avoid the situation entirely because it makes me super uncomfortable to even think about it – much less do it. I know I will just be uptight, and probably angry, that I can’t socially drink with them like I used to. Thanks.


      • Hi Belle – I’d love to have an audio in response to this! If you’re able to fit in dealing with not drinking on vacations at the same time that would be an added plus. Just let me know what I need to do next. Thanks so much!

      • there/s a link in the post (under the audio) where you can sign up for a personalized audio. once you sign up there’s a little form where you tell me a few details about what you’d like me to talk about. hugs.

    • You know what? This was one of my biggest fears too. When I went to dinner with friends I didn’t want to do a big announcement. So when people offered me a drink I said “No thank you.” and you know what no one said anything after that. Actually, no one gave fuck. Seriously, I was surprised. I though there would be some big discussion and I would be “found out”. I wasn’t and no one noticed. I have now been out with the same group 3 or 4 times now and when I order water or green tea, no one even looks my way. They get their bloody Mary’s and martini’s and if it becomes too much. If they get sloppy or I feel an urge. I make up some bull shit excuse. My kids, work in the morning, that running event I signed up for and I leave and go home…

  • I’ve been worrying about this too as I am going to a bar to watch the boxing next weekend until the early hours. In a way, having an actual event which is going on makes it easier I think, you are there for a reason and there’s something interesting to focus on, you’re not just in a bar on a Saturday night where the only purpose is sitting around and drinking. Hopefully you’ll be so engrossed in the hockey game that you’ll forget about booze altogether!

  • Not a sports person either, Belle. My trigger is traveling. I always partake of the local food/beverage offerings of wherever I find myself, and if the local wine or beer is great, I want to try it…..or even if it isn’t great. Listening to you, I was reminded of the many trips I have ‘enjoyed’ with a hangover. Probably will enjoy them more sober, huh?