Sobriety Want Ad

Did you just roll out of bed after a hellish night and you feel like a bag of shit?

Are you literally, right now at 7:30 a.m. on new year’s day, searching online for sober help?

Yes, you. Yes I can see you through the computer screen.


There’s a bunch of us. We’re doing 100 days sober. Yes, days in a row.

Benefits include great sleep, return of self-esteem, elimination of hangovers. Lots of support. Save $400 to $1000 a month by not drinking. Limited quantities available. Double your money back guarantee if you hate being sober after hundreds and hundreds of days. Operators are standing by.


Are you the type to feel rebellious, and say “Why can’t I drink? Other people can drink. I feel so pissed off that I have to give up drinking. I should be ALLOWED…”

Is that you?  (yeah, me too!)

Well, the pouting, the “why can’t I drink,” comes from focusing on not being ABLE to.
But when you flip it on its head, and you turn it into a decision, then you get to say:

“I don’t drink because it’s not good for me.
I don’t do cocaine either.
There’s a whole list of things I don’t ingest
just because other people do.
I do what’s best for me.
I also don’t drive without a seat belt
and I don’t walk in dog shit.
I am taking care of me.”

[Team 100 has 1866 people in it. You can join now — no matter what day of sobriety you’re on.]

What, you want more?

How about this:

Allie (day 38):This is the longest I’ve been sober in awhile … in the last 3 weeks, I managed a 2 week sober vacation, ran a 5K, avoided numerous drunk fights with fiancé, didn’t embarrass myself once, felt proud of myself, had hope and lots more stuff I can’t think of right now … I’m planning a trip for the end of the month with all of my savings!

You can sign up for the 100 challenge here. once you sign up, there’s a ‘welcome’ audio recorded when i was at the beach. completely with obnoxious bird and wave sounds 🙂


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Belle – once again, your humor and clarity hit home. Here’s to a one minute, one hour, one day at a time focus. Hugs to you and Mr. Belle! TF4

  • Thanks for everything Belle! Happy New Year! Your 100 Day Challenge is truly brilliant! Your sense of humor is awesome too! (Because sometimes if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry). But you’re right, there’s something magical about 100 Days – once I got there, I wanted to keep going. Via (Day 235)

  • Happy New Year Belle – day 240!!! I did wake up at 7:30 on New Year’s Day and took the dog for a delightful walk. It was cold and crisp and silent and just so amazing – amazing because it is the first January 1st that I have woken up sober in more years than I can remember!!!! Anyone thinking this invite over the only answer is HELL YES!!! Belle will save your life too!!!!!

  • You are right, there are countless things we don’t do just because others do it. I’m putting that lil’ gem in my pocket for the moments pity wants me to saddle up. It’s only been 2 weeks for me and I feel markedly more empowered, focused and physically/mentally energized. Each day is longer and the opportunities abound. Luv and light to all us newbies (I’m a repeat newbie on here) and those with more sober momentum, and Belle too. We are one in our vision. (Shit, I forgot how sentimental sober me is ;). The gift is ours for the taking. Happy New Year!

  • I did wake up feeling pretty bad, but thanks to you and your awesome challenge, it was just a phantom hangover, not a real one. This was my first sober New Year’s Eve in a long, long, long time and I enjoyed it immensely.

    Happy New Year, and thanks for being there.

  • Happy New Year! After 2.5 years of lurking around your blog, many Day One resets and countless emails from you, I am here. The purchase of the Sober Jumpstart Gold class was and is (on podcast #37) the best. As Team 100 member #199, I have not given up and you have not given up on me!! I may not have the big numbers yet but my struggle is over. Thank you for the tools and treats to allow me to live free. 34 years of daily drinking is a long time. It took me a bit to unravel things. The shame kept me quiet. Thank you with all my heart.