happy almost new year

my plans for new year’s eve: try to stay up late.

my first year sober i made it to 10:30 pm then i went to bed. the second year I got to 11:30 pm. Tonight? hard to say. i’m awake earlier than usual this morning so it’s not looking good. maybe an episode of British Bake Off, a half hour of the relatively crappy tv show “about a boy” and we’ll play some cards. Dinner tonight is pulled pork tortilla things with salsa and sour cream. If i get off my ass, there will be cinnamon buns. but that also seems unlikely.

as for parties, i don’t usually attend events where drinking is the sole focus of the event, which includes most NYE events. they’re just too boring. i’m ready to go home after 1.5 hours (max).

there are no rules that say you have to go to parties. or host parties. or have people over. or do anything. there’s no sanctioned, official NYE rule at all that i’m aware of … other than taking good care of you.

and remember …. frog guts.

(if you do go out… arrive late, leave early, take your own drink, and have your own way home so you can leave when you’re ready).


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Happy new year, I threw a tantrum quietly and then asked my husband to rearrange all our visitors to another family members house, was a bit of hassle but not biggie then I hid on the sofa under a cover with him.

    Perfect. Happy sober times.

  • Happy Sober New Year, Belle! My second, of what will, I hope and trust, be many more to come. My sweetie is on call for the emergency room (he’s an orthopedic surgeon) , and I’ve just waved off the last parent picking up his/her 16 year old, after I’ve stuffed them full of root beer floats and ‘kid champagne’ (sparkling grape juice). I’ve rung in the new year, and am about to jump cozy into my bed. I will feel so great in the morning- so happy, so proud, (and, truthfully, just a wee bit smug) to awaken sober and think back with satisfaction about this alcohol-free celebration. So many many thanks to you and all my other sober cyber-friends!!

  • Happy New Year!
    We went out to an Irish pub that was serving free Guinness, and I drank diet coke! And we’re home early, and it’s OK. We enjoyed the music and sitting with our musician friends.

  • Happy almost 2015 to you, Belle. Wolfie ain’t got me tonight. Watching Caotain America on Sky while covering my dogs ears so she can’t hear the fireworks going off around the neighbourhood.

  • I concur ! … thank you for your support, Belle … to each of you ” here ” … keep ON.
    I screwed up recently – after over 200 days of sobriety. It felt ( and still feels awful to have slipped ) … all of the momentum … gone in a moment towards a decision I so fiercely regret.
    It will be a New Year shortly ( thank you, Universe ! ) … I was able to make a ten hour drive to be with my nuclear family , on Monday.
    I surprised my folks and went to see a movie with my younger brother last night.
    I head back to work and life , two states away – tomorrow – on the first.
    I am grateful for this brief time with my family … and to be having a ” quiet ” , low – key ring in to 2015.
    I wish you each strength, self-love and loads of peace and support.
    I will be checking in more often. I want to keep my momentum going.
    A blessed and sober New Year to ALL!
    Lots of love, ( Sareet )

  • Happy New Year, Belle! My family and I plan to have a nice dinner at home and watch a movie or some tv. I hope to make it to midnight. I’m trying to think of something special to do early tomorrow am, as I’ve not seen the world before noon on any New Year’s Day in recent memory.

  • Happy Sober New Year ! So many positives have happened since I have been sober the past 5 months I can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring. Peace and Joy to all this New Year

  • Happy, Happy New Year dear Belle – thank you for being such a bright beacon in the sober universe! Getting rid of the booze was a dream that finally came true this year and your support has been just. HUGE. Sending you the biggest cyber hug you can imagine. Never would have believed I could make it to 7 days, much less 136! All good things to you in 2015!