Audio: Blog #2, day 10

“Miserably giving up drinking”

This is me, READING from my blog – putting it into an audio format. This is blog #2. I was on day 10. I also include some commentary from my now sober self. someone described this as the “director’s cut” of the blog … you get to hear behind the scenes stuff.


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Comments from my inbox:

Reaching Out: “I just listened to this new podcast. You described my drinking so well! Just enough to get and keep that wonderful buzz, but not enough to feel drunk. Impossible to control – we know that! I really like the reading of your blog podcasts. I think they speak to many. Thank you for doing what you do. I’m on day 51 today – more than half way through my 100 day challenge!”

Liza: “I do have to tell you I appreciate the free podcast you have been posting lately. And now you are reading blogs from the beginning with commentary so lucky for me a lazy reader who likes to get some blogs in before bed! Thank you belle, lovely to hear your voice :)”


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Very occasionally you say something that expresses exactly what my drinking was like. Sadly for me, this audio describes the early stages of it, and then it suddenly wasn’t under control any more – the buzz wasn’t enough. 10 years later, the morning after a disasterous night I signed up for the 100 Day Challenge and scrupulously read your blog. And that was 439 days ago, and now not a day goes by when I don’t thank my lucky stars I only needed that last, final, Day 1.

  • I love these director’s cuts. Doubly useful. . . Day 4, Day 44 for day 144 – I know I will always have days I have to battle my body. My brain knows better, it’s just a physical battle at times. Listening to these blogs with the narrative reminds me that it’s a decision. We all have days that are more taxing than others. But drinking just makes it harder. Makes me hate myself.

    Thanks, Belle, for permission to go to bed early. I am praying all of us cyber sober folks make it thru the holiday week. My strategy is just to lay low and enjoy some quiet time to myself. Aaahhhh.

    Hugs to everyone out there following Team Belle in some form or another. You’re not alone. Love the comments helps me to feel connected this week. Keep that sober car dent free! Start 2015 on the right foot!

  • I’m on Day 44 of my 100 Day sober challenge. I am anxious about the holidays. I made it through Thanksgiving. Christmas should be ok… Wanting a glass of wine is fleeting now- it comes, but then goes more easily. I’ve got my cranberry and tonic and today I’m going out to buy some fancy glasses to put it in… Thanks Belle. This audio helped. I don’t want to relapse. I’ve come too far.