go slowly, but keep going …

from me:

numbers. as of today 1823 people have signed up to do the 100 day sober challenge. Are there really that many people reading sober blogs who want/wanted to be sober? apparently 🙂 are there more and more who don’t ever sign up but follow along quietly? Apparently yes. i got this message today:

A: “Hope and sobriety are precious commodities. The support you provide is a true gift. I have never been part of your 100 day challenge, but I still carry around the letter you wrote me in my care package. Small gestures can move mountains. Thank you.”

Then I got this one:

Crystal Light: “Your cookies are divine and I love the socks! I had a little bit of the chocolate last night — delicious ! Great gift box 🙂 Would you start a gift box monthly subscription? I would be on board with that. Although I am sure it is a lot of work for you. I am really pampering myself since I quit drinking. It’s because I have more money and time to devote to me. This morning I got up early and took a bubble bath before getting ready for work. That was a great way to start my morning- tranquil.”

And I’ve been doing that too – the morning bath before getting started. it really is a lovely ‘treat’ … and i’m eating my share of chocolate. I haven’t made doughnuts yet. Maybe when I’m on Christmas break starting next week. That would be a productive break, right? Sleep, run, bath, reading and doughnuts. maybe that’ll be my 4-pronged plan on how to spend my time off.

From my inbox:

sobermagicland (member 1608): My sober car is very small and even for me it’s too small, I’m behind the wheel with a curved back. I am driving very carefully, can see and feel the car bumping downhill, I hold the wheel very tight.

Don’t know what kind of car it is, but it’s red and yellow and I don’t know why. Looks a bit as a flower power car.

‘If your car is moving, don’t do anything to stop it’ and ‘keep rolling, however slowly, don’t do anything to stop it. Don’t change anything. Protect your sober car’.

Although I read this blog; this podcast about my sober car (from SJ100) is a good reminder. I was in a grumpy mood because everything goes so slowly. Forgot, and even now I have difficulties to accept … Good reminder. Have to read/hear it at least once a week.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I just want you to know that your sphere of influence is far wider than you can imagine. You are helping folks who are helping folks and on and on

  • That’s so awesome Belle! You are making a difference in so many lives. Is’s love to help you with anything you may need to contribute to helping others ;). You’re a blessing!


  • I love the whole car metaphor, but living in the Rockies I am constantly driving up and down mountain passes in the Rockies. As I commit to sobriety again, after having 10 years sober in my early 20’s, I am struck by the notion of letting my car gather momentum. The problem you see is that I don’t drive a car, I drive a truck ( not a real one, a metaphor) and sometimes I gather too much momentum, feel too good and take those curves to fast….then I must use the runaway truck ramp!
    I am trying to focus today on going slowly, being present and tapping my breaks.
    I feel committed to these 100 days and hope to find support and sober gratitude here. I am 3 days in…again! Tap tap!

  • I’m sure your inbox is full of this question-what number am I? Just the accountant in me loving numbers! Great to see how many people you are reaching. Hope all is well with you and Mr belle. Hugs and happy Monday!! Margy

  • Hey Belle great sentiment – go slowly, but keep going; I know I am guilty of wanting it all NOW, including immediate sobriety and feeling on top of the world but have learnt (in my year of a slow learning curve) that baby steps are the best way x

  • Holy CRAP!!!! 1,823 people. I’m what, #53? haha That is insane, unbelievable, and crazy. But best of all, awesome! Because they are all there to get better. KUDOS!!!!