Today is 12/13/14. It’s a good day for a Day 1.

I sent out a micro-email about an hour ago, with the subject line: “i want to stop drinking but it’s christmas” (if you’re not on the list to get the daily emails, you can do that here).

Got this response back from AW. It’s a must-share:

Hi Belle…

You are good…..very good…. And psychic …..

Of course I’m lying on the couch after a night that got out of control….i didn’t say no to someone buying me shots….ugh…..I haven’t done THAT in probably years… and I certainly intimately know why … I feel it deep in my core … haha … so glad I can laugh about my weakness vs the self loathing I have spent most of my life feeling … believe it or not that is progress … I know I can stop drinking … I know I can … I have done it … I remember reading something you said about how much harder it is to stop/start/stop as opposed to just stopping! So true.

The 100 day challenge is really calling my name.

And sooner than January 1

12/13/14 has a nice ring to it.



I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Yea us! Hope you are still with me Tricia. Day 7. Feeling a little wiggy…… Time for a run. One of my weapons. Out run Wolfie!

  • I started my journey to sobriety on this date and I vow to take it one day at a time to get to one year of sobriety. I have been sober and relapsed numerous times once being sober for 9 months. I have so many tools in my tool box now of what to do and not to do to remain sober. Im approaching day 3 and damn this shit is hard but Im goin to keep at it for myself and my kids because Im just sick and tired of being sick and tired. Im done bein alcohol’s bitch for real.

  • ANY sobriety date is a good one … but 12/13/14 is a GREAT one to KEEP … and today is the first day of your sober life so …. ENJOY and stick around. We are glad you are here!

  • Thanks for the encouraging words …. It is helpful to see what IS possible through the experiences y’all share….and to Belle…for creating this positive place …AW

  • Hey AW! My 11/23/14 was pretty nice too. It had its own little ring, though not quite like yours. 🙂
    I’ve been at this for 21 days, so I’m still in the early stages, and I’m feeling great! I hope you get a long string of clarity-days with your numerically pleasing start date!

  • It’s Christmas. Give yourself the gift of sobriety. It’s the gift that keeps giving. No hangovers, self respect, great sleep, the list just keeps growing.