American Thanksgiving – audio for you

A couple of days ago I recorded a live group call in anticipation of American Thanksgiving … so that I could post it today. You might want to listen to 30 minutes while commuting, or 5 minutes while you’re putting on makeup, or for 12 minutes when you take a time-out break to hide in the bathroom. You might want to step outside of the celebrations and listen for a few minutes on your phone.

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Links mentioned in the call:

while this is not ‘my’ holiday, exactly, i still have lots to be thankful for. thankful that my heart weirdness from last year is stable now. thankful that i’m back to running my usual distances. thankful that i’m living in a new apartment that gets more beautiful every day. thankful that my husband does all of the heavy lifting (physical and emotional). thankful that we’re heading to london on the weekend and i’ll be enjoying my birthday in a vacation city.

and thankful for you. glad you’re out there. super glad for this online sober community. glad i can check in here whenever i need to have a group of people who already ‘get’ me without explanations or justifications.

Comments from participants:

Anonymous (day 48): “Belle, really enjoyed the group call. You are a brilliant speaker and have a really lovely way about you. You asked me to speak…and im so sorry i couldnt…..i kinda froze coz i was afraid my story was far too scummy and sordid. It was still beneficial to me coz i got the chance to hear you live, and it was great πŸ™‚ And i need you to know how grateful i am for that. I’ve tried umpteen times before to quit, but it’s different and seems much easier this time coz i have you in the background supporting me.”

Daisy (day 53): “I wasn’t kidding when I said its like you speak a different language listening to you talk. Its really like not being alone anymore. Everyone else around is either normal or a boozer with their own issues barking way. There’s no balance, current boozers want to booze, normies don’t get it. So unless you find someone who talks the same language, you’re alone … So, thank you a heap and a half. I knew you were anonymous, I guess I didn’t realise that you were doing it all on your own, when you said it I just thought wow. Not in a gushy way, just in a fucking hell, it really can be done kind of way.”

Justme (day 4): “Your podcasts help me so much.Β  It’s as though you’re in my tiny, dysfunctional brain and you’re showing me a way out.Β  Thank you.”

Troxy (day 38): “Today I am grateful to you. you are the voice that calms me, the friend that understands me, and the mentor that gently keeps my sober car moving in the right direction. You have found what feeds your soul, and this sober community is so so blessed toΒ  have you with us on our journey.”


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Thanks to Belle and all participants. I was actually excited to hear Julie Joy’s Dad. I think we have the same soberversary, so I always look for your name in red when I look for mine on the Congrats list. Day 300 coming up soon! This audio was needed and appreciated. Belle, have a lovely vacation!
    Julie (Hank)

  • Thank you!!! I just returned home from Thanksgiving with my family. There were 19 of us in a private room at a nice restaurant. I know my mother meant well but she announced to the entire group how proud she was of me and how she had prayed to God and her prayers were answered????? I was mortified!!!! I was so happy to get home. That was my news to share not hers. So I logged into your blog and your podcast was waiting for me. What a nice surprise. This day is almost over and I made it… without drinking!!!!!! Thank u out Belle!!!!

  • Dear Belle,
    I HEARD some of that! FIRST TIME EVER!
    Isn’t that cool?
    This year I did not travel to see family.
    Went for a walk with dear husband.
    Going to a friend’s house for a short time.
    Short time is good!
    When it gets too long,
    I get strange!
    I am thankful for a bunch of stuff,
    But MOST of all,
    That I am sober.

  • As you know I was also on the call and right toward the end when I was actually thinking about speaking I accidentally hung up! I agree completely with what the other participants have said. Being live on the phone with you was such a great experience. Thank you so much for doing what you do! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating today! We can do this.

  • Great call ! I took notes to keep my sober momentum – Day 125- and never felt better. This will be my first sober Thanksgiving holiday in a gazillion years. I am thankful this season for the opportunity to change my life at age 52 and especially to Belle for sharing and caring enough to help us all. Happy Thanksgiving Belle.