Podcasts? Now it’s your turn.

As you maybe know, i have a monthly podcast thing, where I send out 1-2 new audios per week to subscribers.

I’ve been debating having a sponsor for the podcasts, so that I can offer new episodes for free and put them on iTunes.

I contacted Mail Chimp to be the podcast sponsor. I’m in love with Mail Chimp. They are my email provider for TOTAD and they’re also the sponsors of very cool podcasts that I listen to (This American Life, Serial, Startup).

So I sent Mail Chimp an email last Tuesday and asked them for some ideas on being our sponsor. They gave me a ticket number.

But so far, no response either way.

Now it’s your turn.

Maybe Mail Chimp needs some evidence. Like, hearing from people who would like to have access to the podcasts. And why do you want to listen to these audios, and why should they be our sponsor?

If you leave a comment below, I’ll wait 24-48 hrs, then I’ll send Mail Chimp a follow-up email with a link to this blog post. I think we can petition them to say yes.

Leave a comment below: Do you want to have access to the Sober Podcasts for free on iTunes? Why do you want to hear them?

You can just post a comment that simply says “i want to hear them” if you don’t have anything creative to say.

but if you do write something longer or more thoughtful, I’ll mark one comment as my super sober comment of the day …




I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Belle Belle Belle! I’m so grateful I found you! At over 200 days sober thanks to your supportive emails and podcasts, I’d love to see you on ITunes and be able to share it with some others like me. Love, D (on day 226!)

  • Please let Belle’s podcasts be available on itunes. they are very helpful to a lot of us. Belle has always been there for her followers and i truly believe there are people that would have givin up the fight had it not been for those podcasts. Sometimes its just about hearing Belle’s soothing voice and knowing she is connected to her followers by the same string that connects us all. This is not a doctor, but merely a person that wants to help others. My vote is yes!! Keep Belle participating in this media. ….Terry….day 366 sober!!

  • I would love Belle’s podcasts to be available on ITunes. this would be a major help to me and many others. Please make this happen.

  • Of course Mail Chimp should host these podcasts. We are the lucky ones who have ‘found Belle’ but thre are tens of thousands of people who could really do with hearing her wise, kind words. They could just be the trigger for many to finally make the decision to stop drinking , knowing that Belle is going to be virtually there to support them.

  • Hi Mail Chimp,
    Please sponsor Belle and help her to help so many more people, to have Belles podcasts available on iTunes, these podcasts are a vital recourse that are life changing and life saving for people like myself who struggle every day with alcohol.
    Mail Chimp you have the opportunity through Belle, to touch, help and save thousands of great people who like me struggle with alcohol addiction, please don’t miss this opportunity.

  • I think this would be really great! Hearing from someone else who has walked the path is invaluable and really helps me feel less alone.

  • Sponsored podcasts? Yes please! Belle’s podcasts are like a phone call from an enthusiastic life coach who doesn’t just tell you to suck it up. Rather, it’s more like “me too” times infinity. That is my definition of friendship and belonging.

    I like feeling like I am a part of the tiniest global secret sober-in-training team on earth, with our own specialized weapons and names and tools and ninja skills. Together we will take on the holidays, and beyond!

    I love podcasts + I NEED my Belle fix = Make this happen. Please and thank you!

  • Belle has been quietly helping thousands of readers stay sober. She offers outreach and support to strangers around the world, and her work is greatly appreciated and impactful. Having the podcasts available to more people would allow her great work to have even more of an impact. I would highly recommend sponsoring her podcasts to help your business reach her dedicated followers, a group that grows everyday.

  • Of all the items available for download, I’m amazed I can’t already access Belle through itunes. The world could use a few less drinkers and Belle is for now single handedly helping thousands of us stay sober. Mail Chimp, we need Belle, YOU need Belle.

  • Dear mail chimp

    Please sponsor belle’s podcasts. I am a subscriber to her audios and they are wonderful. I am happy to keep paying for them but if more people will be able to access them if they are on iTunes, then that has to be a good thing, for everyone.

  • What a wonderful and thoughtful initiative. I would love to have more accessibility to the sober podcasts! When I relapsed a few months ago I was struggling to get a few days of sobriety in between binges. I was so full of self hatred, guilt, panic.. hopelessness.. SHAME. The material offered here helped to heal me. It was my first time discovering that I HAD a problem and listening to honest, ‘normal,’ brilliant, funny, wonderful souls who struggled with the same I had my whole life was a revelation to me. I got into rehab. This Sunday will be my 90th day sober. I thank Belle & this website for playing a beautiful part in helping me understand a part of myself I didn’t think had a name. The absolute honesty, openness of this non judgmental space helps me to go easy on the parts of myself that are still a little broken… but that I now know are in fact healing, slowly, with many thanks to all the inspirational messages shared via this site.

    Thanks you Belle!

  • Belle saves lives and mine is one of them. I can only imagine how many more she could save with her podcasts available on MailChimp. Please give others who are struggling with alcohol a chance to get their lives back too by sponsoring Belle’s podcasts!

  • I have been working towards quitting drinking for two years, and am now 61 days free of alcohol with much thanks to Belle! Sponsoring Belle’s podcasts would expose MailChimp to a broad audience of folks like me! A wife and mother who is online daily. Belle has such kindness and humor blended with her awesome guidance. She gets results and hence has an extensive fan base. In summary, Belle’s podcasts rock, and MailChimp should sponsor them! -Lynn

  • Belle’s podcasts saved my life. They saved the mother of my children. They saved the wife of my husband. They saved my parents daughter.
    Saying “yes” MailChimp is saying yes to life.
    Please support Belle and in doing so you will be supporting the thousands of people that rely on her guidance in their darkest of days.

  • What a fabulous gift this would be. Alcohol is indeed a very addictive drug which becomes so very difficult to control. Having this option would help so many who struggle to do it alone .

  • I am one trillion percent for Belle’s sober podcasts via Mail Chimp. I cannot say enough amazing things about how much Belle has helped me in addition to so many others. As mentioned, the more people Belle reaches, the BETTER!
    Mail Chimp? … please ” meet ” Belle and get her podcasts rolling via your service.
    ** THANK YOU !! **

  • I want to be able to access the sober podcasts on iTunes for free. These are instrumental on maintaining my sobriety by reading these

  • Dear Mail Chimp,

    Please Please Please Please PLEASE, become a sponsor! Belle has something special about her that makes you feel like she’s directly connecting with you, which 1) you don’t get that feeling very often via a podcast and 2) for a person trying desperately to put the pieces of their life together and get sober, means the world. The fact that she’s still rolling along and churning out passionate podcasts speaks worlds to her dedication and fan base.

  • This is the perfect time of the year to add 24/7 access to Belle’s encouraging words.
    Wolfie shows up at every holiday party, whispering in your ear that it’s OK to have just one little drink. After all, it’s the holidays. You can make it your New Year’s resolution to go back to Day 1. But it’s not so easy to get back to Day 1. Once Wolfie has us under his control, he works 24/7 to keep us. Availability of Belle’s podcasts would provide support pre-party, at the party, and post-party. Let Belle’s voice ring loud and clear to guide us through the new year!

  • I would like to have access to them. Belle’s podcasts help countless people when they are starting a new better sober life.

  • Free!?!?? Of course, that would be awesome!! The podcasts are like my lighthouse (similar to one of your podcast topics) that if I begin to feel lost in the fog (ie think about alcohol again), this big-ass bright light shines in my face; and its your voice!! It reminds me of WHY I am on the amazing journey!!

  • New to this journey, I know that to have tools like this at my fingertips when I need it, would be amazingly helpful.

    • I LOVE BELLE’S PODCASTS! Imagine the audience she would reach if her podcasts were free on iTunes!!! I think there are many people out there, trying to get sober, who would find the courage to stop drinking if they could hear an actual voice anytime they needed to, from someone who has been where they are now. Belle’s website and podcasts offer people an alternative to traditional ways to get sober (or can be in addition to traditional ways, the choice is yours). Belle “tells it like it is”; she does not sugar coat things. She speaks to us from her heart, like a best friend, sharing her experiences. Her tips for getting sober are often so simple, but in the initial stages of sobriety are impossible for us to see on our own. The support she offers is amazing!
      So Mail Chimp, PLEASE sponsor Belle’s podcasts! Think of all of the people Belle would be helping, and all of the people you would be reaching w/ your sponsoring advertising!!! Mail Chimp is such a cool, innovative company, it seems that your company and Belle are the perfect match!

  • Please sponsor Belle on iTunes! Her podcasts are excellent and would benefit so many people. I will definitely listen!

  • It would be great to be able to listen to sober podcasts on iTunes. Having them so easily accessible and free would be amazing and really helpful especially on the rough days.

  • Mail Chimp…please put Belle’s podcasts on iTunes….you will be helping so many brave souls looking to better themselves…you will be amazed at how many views her podcasts will get. Belle has helped so many of us on our journeys of sobriety. Now you can help her reach more deserving people…step up and help Belle help us.

  • This uplifting and important work makes a positive statement and rippling impact on anyone fortunate enough to seek it out or “stumble ” upon it ! Do not miss out on Belle’s revolutionary contribution to this planet…Mail Chimp ! Are You listening ?

  • Mail Chimp- I would appreciate you helping those in need with Belle’s wonderful service helping like-minded people stay sober. Thank you!