Audio: Ellie Schoenberger (part 2)

well this is fascinating. I’ve just listened to part 2 of my interview with Ellie Shoenberger for my weekly sober podcast thingy.

we talked for over an hour, and in this second chunk she covers some really interesting stuff … like she describes her previous sobriety as being like a castle built on a swamp. And did you know that you could go into an inpatient, 30 day rehab facility, and NOT have any counselling?

Since the entire conversation runs long, I’ve divided it up into pieces. Click the blue button to listen to an extract from part 2. In this little piece, you’ll hear us getting pretty animated as we talk about when is a good time to excavate your past when you’re sober.

Please leave a comment below after you listen to the extract and I’ll pick one comment to be my sober rockstar favourite comment of the day 🙂

Click the blue button to listen:

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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Like others above, it really helped me (at Day 180 today) to realize that I don’t have worry that I am not digging too deep yet. I am focusing on not drinking today and hope to do so for 365 days. This was very reassuring and helpful to hear that it’s ok not be exploring the underlying reasons for why I started drinking so much (if I was hearing you both correctly).

  • I signed up for the podcasts to listen to this interview and I’m glad I did. Thanks to both of you for having this conversation!

  • Thank you for sharing this audio interview with Ellie. I did not fully grasp that just staying sober for one year is a major accomplishment until I heard this audio. I am on Day 104 and have been thinking of more self improvement changes to incorporate into my life and this makes me realize I need to slow down. I am making a major life changing self improvement by being sober. One year is a short time in the grand scheme of things. I am going to slow down on my “to-do list” !

  • Thank you for this audio snippet, Belle. It comes at a perfect time for me: 80-some days A/F and wondering if I should be doing more….. something – anything – right now. Thank you for helping me realize that I just need to focus on being sober. Right here. Right now. What a relief.

      • Right here, right now …. if you have not heard the fascinating story of sobriety from Earl H … he uses those words listen when you can … you can find it on xa-speakers, google it … he also gives a simple 12 step solution for our drinking problem … trust God, clean house, help others …. I’ve followed Elle for a while, read her book, and I’m glad she’s backkkkk …. no one is too great for the wiley wolfie …