“I broke a pattern”

From my inbox:

ParisienneKnitter (day 205): “I’ve been contemplating a lot lately about being sober and how it’s made me confront parts of myself that I found too difficult or too ‘much’ to deal with before. For instance — I’m an introvert, but I can pass as an extrovert at times when needed. When I do that, though, it depletes me totally and I need awhile to recharge. Now that I’m sober, I know that and plan accordingly. Before, I just charged ahead, numbing myself with wine in order to get through social interaction when I really would have rather been at home curled up with a book.

This was really apparent this past week/weekend. Halloween with kids is crazy — trick or treat, school parties, etc. by Friday mid-afternoon, I was pooped… I had invitations to two Halloween parties and dinner on Monday evening and I declined them all. Now I know to take the rest and the break from people when I need it. Taking care of me = no cravings. I’ll take that :)”


Crystal Light (day 100): “Day 100 has begun! Taking the 100 day challenge was scary; I wasn’t sure how it would work out because it seemed impossible to not drink for 100 days. But with your support here I am on Team 180. I can’t thank you enough. I feel amazing and very happy that I did this. I broke a pattern and it has really changed my life. I will continue to email you weekly or as needed. Probably more during the holidays. I will  keep reading your blog posts because I find them helpful. And I have my stash of podcasts to listen to. Keeping my toolbox full and not looking back … moving forward. Proud and Happy today!”


Jewels: “Am I an alcoholic? This is something I’ve asked myself on and off for the last five years and I truly still don’t know the answer. It doesn’t matter – I know I feel better when i’m not drinking. period. But I still wonder … I drink more than I’d like… and then even though I really want to stop drinking I keep doing it. I’ve had so many relapses, and I don’t want to this time…”



I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Parisienne, I know what you mean! After going to a wedding recently (almost midday til midnight), I made sure I spent the whole of the next day hiding away, just to restore my introvert equilibrium. Being sober has helped so much – to understand myself in this way, and to embrace it…to accept myself. 🙂

  • Great words from everyone, Jewels I know exactly what you are saying, I share your view and have come to the same conclusion. X Grá