face forward.

Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure” ~ sent to me by Jo14

is moving stressful or a new adventure? i have lots of emails in my inbox saying “moving is so difficult…” and i’m like, really? it is?

sure moving internationally was stressful. but this move seems breezy by comparison. maybe it’s the perfect alignment of features: SOBRIETY + working at home + short distance to a NICER place + new neighbourhood to explore and food to taste + husband took the week off work to pack, clean, unpack, clean.

we went back to our old apt last night to have ‘good-bye drinks/tea’ with our downstairs neighbours. yeah, that was hard – hard to get off the metro in our ‘old’ neighbourhood, hard to walk back into our ‘old’ apartment to finish the cleaning and get the last bits from the fridge … hard to realize that we had good memories there and now they’re finished.

I was doing better on Wednesday and Thursday when I was here in the new place. Facing forward.

As Soon As I Went Back and started looking backward, i felt crappy.

metaphor much?

face forward. good shit coming up!


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Letting go is a process for me … yes, it’s not easy whether I’m letting go something that is killing me … alcohol … or facing forward to a new possibility/opportunity. It was very very hard to move from the last town (aft 30yrs), the home we raised our boys, and we were moving to our dream … the beach. It was that move that was the catalyst for my sobriety as I realized I was living my dream come true … drunk. 5 years and 7 mos later, having spent a beautiful day on the sand, basking in the sunshine … I bask in the sunshine of sobriety. Happy new apt Belle and Mr Belle, enjoy the view.

  • While I could do without the packing and physical aspects of the move, I like unpacking in a new place and learning about the neighbourhood. I like the clean slate feel of a move and the of course, my favourite parts are repacking bookshelves and decorating. 🙂
    Very happy for you. Chin up for new beginnings!

  • I find moving difficult only because I discover how much junk has accumlated when I wasn’t looking. 😉

    I hope you love your new place! 🙂

  • Maybe you didn’t expect these feelings after the two good days in the new appartment? And maybe coming back to the old neighbours and neighbourhood gived you a bit of cold feet for the future? I guess it’s easier to move out a very bad place, with bad memories etc. I can only think that it gives more balance to the whole situation: in my opinion it will say: treasure your good memories of the old place and how exciting the new appartment will be: stay here now with feet on the ground. Take your time, don’t rush, and this will be great too! But maybe I am completely wrong with my analysis. 😀 Happy times for you and Mr. Belle!