got sober momentum?

“Hi Belle. Photography is not my strong point but here’s an unimaginative pic of the mug on my desk … The mug is just the job for a 7 month treat, when complacency is hovering in the air like Wolfie in disguise. It’s big too – holds a lot of tea. ~Libby”




I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • My sober mug! That is amazing. I am at a jazz festival, on my own, in the town I went to college a million years ago. I am surrounded by lots of ghosts from my past and an all day late bar with plenty of time to kill between bands. This is the last interval of the festival, i have not had a drink. I was wondering who I could tell and something made me check your blog and see my mug. I love you Belle, thanks mate x

    Stick with it Liam, it’s worth it.

    • last year i went to a jazz festival, in my last home town, and i realized it was just an event for outdoor drinking. the music was only average. as a sober person, i found the whole thing a bit boring …

      • I love my sober music … concerts, festivals, etc and here in the SC we have many of us sober folk who band up together in the front and rock out in the moment, alive, aware and SOBER. AND most of the artists are sober too!

  • HI,
    I feel like I have some sober momentum, but still occassionally grapple with thoughts that I could moderate and try again. I am at 98 days and ready to cross the 100 mark next week. It is odd how I seem to conveniently forget all the bad things that were my reasons for quitting in the first place. Then I remind myself about the quality of the sleep I get now and just how much money I am saving, and just how much better I feel overall.

    Wow, I kinda surprised myself getting this far on my quest to be free from alcohol. It has been a journey for sure, and it is getting easier, but still wolfie comes to visit me at wine o’clock more frequently than I would like. So far have been sucessful at not opening the door for him, and just telling him no one is at home, go away. Nothing to see here Wolfie, just move along! It passes after I get some food or drink some of my favorite safe beverages.

    I installed a sober counter app on my phone and I find it really helpful for me to look at it when I need a reminder of my sucess or when I feel tempted to have a drink. When I see those sober numbers expressed in minutes, hours, days and months, it is empowering and gives me strength. “Not today Wolfie”, I am just too busy for you.