september rocks (corn on the cob)

dear universe. it’s so weird, but september has rocked so far. i know it’s only day 4, but really. is it because i struggled all of august that things are easier now? is it that I really like September (new school year, etc.). is it because my inbox is magically full again whereas in the summer people are vacationing and sporadic with contact.

is it because i’ve been working on developing a daily routine that actually supports me and helps me like my life? or is it because i’m not catering this week so i’m having a bit of a ‘rest’ still …

is it because the sun is finally shining after the greyiest, shittiest august i’ve ever experienced? was it as bad in England/Scotland/Wales/Ireland? it sucked rocks here.

is it because of the lovely coaching call i had today with a new team 100 member. or maybe it was the email i got from the most adorable boyfriend of someone doing the challenge.

or maybe it’s because i’m doing what i want to be doing, connecting with seriously cool sober people, and having fun. a lot of fun. even when i’m going to the post office twice a day and buying envelopes and getting things copied and folded and mailed.

well really, maybe it’s because I found corn on the cob at the market. if you know me, you know how exciting this is.

and tomorrow is my wedding anniversary.

honestly september rocks so far.

and you? what’s the best (sober) part of september so far?


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Belated Anniversary Greetings. Hope it was swell. DH and I love CotC too (he’s a midwestern farm boy, afterall). We half the ears and have a taste test comparison every night we have CotC, which is most nights. Since I don’t discuss wine anymore, I’ve developed a real corn vocabulary–things like whether the kernals pop, the sweetness, the dry or juice quality, kernel size….. ok, we draw the line at breaking out into Rogers & Hammerstein (“I’m as corny as Kansas in August…”), we just act like it. 8>)
    -Amos, still lucid

  • My September Rocks!!… My lovely twin girls turned 30 on September 3rd!! I feel so accomplished to have launched these wonderful girls into the universe, and so proud that they have become the wonderful women they are!!

  • I love Sept because summer is my “trigger time” more than other times as I live in a beautiful tourist destination where alcohol is the vehicle for a relaxed and fun vacation for many … so alcohol is visible and “appears pretty” on the visiting tourist in her pretty white capri pants and tank top…unfortunately that visual is not how I look drunk. As August closes and Sept arrives I celebrate a half birthday of another six months sober and six months to another anniversary coin….so yes, yippee….September is for me …. the ahhhh of relief … survived and yes enjoyed, and yes, had fun ….during a sixth sober summer. Happy 5 and a half years to me! Congrats on your wedding anniversary Belle. My wonder is if you have less connection with your sober family during August and therefore Sept feels like “coming home” to your sober connection with full inbox and coaching appts.

    • you might be right! it’s weird to be here but not as connected as usual. i either have to maintain the connection or go completely away – trying it this weekend for 3 days so we’ll see how i do 🙂 next summer? australia?

  • I love September because for me Sept 1 was me starting over and coming back to nothing but support from Belle and the members of this group. Thank you all for your honest, sincere and kind words of wisdom. You may not think you are helping, but I can tell you that you really are.

  • So far, it’s the famous Belle treat box that didn’t come because Europe closes in August then it came in September!! What fun to unwrap each item. It was made extra special because you taught me the value of accepting treats for my hard work!
    Really delicious cookies. I won’t even ask for the recipe, i’m sure it’s a secret!! BTW, had corn on the ccob tonight as well. September does rock!

  • This is day 4 for me, it should have been day 8 but uhmmm.. I got hit by a pack of wolves Labor Day Sunday.
    I love reading everyone’s story. Today I had a company lunch and I sat across the bar. My wolfie nose followed every drink that left the bar. I don’t want tomorrow to be day one again. I’ve been to celebrate recovery for 3 weeks and although they are great people I NEVER had a day one. I truly care for the other members of the 100 day team
    And glad to be a part.

  • Hi Belle – First of all let me wish you a very Happy Anniversary! The coolest thing for me in September is that I have a different mindset towawrds being sober. I am going to look at sobriety as being a gift in my life as opposed to thinking about drinking being something I have to give up. There is also a crazy event going on in the town where I live. I actually live about 20 minutes away now but used to own a business there and lived there my first 15 years in Colorado. Here is a USA Today Article if you’re interested have absolutely no desire to be a part of it and that makes me happy.Again – Happy Anniversary!Holly