Audio: Sober Time

On the weekend, I went back to the cricket-y park and recorded a new audio for the podcast subscription thingy.

We sometimes think that getting sober for us is HARDER than it is for other people. THEY have it easier. Those single people, those married people, those other people. Those people who work. Those people who are retired. Those people with busy lives. Those people with lots of time on their hands.

And then there’s the question of what do we do with all of our sober time once drinking is removed.

Please leave a comment after you listen to the extract … so that i know you’re out there.

Here’s a 2.5 minute extract from podcast; the entire audio is about 11 minutes long. There’s even an ambulance in this clip!

Click below to listen:


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I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • My first podcast…excellent…it sure helps to know that while each of us has our reasons for…”it would be easier if”…we are all here to stop our destructive drinking and led a sober, healthy life. Thank you.

  • I found Wolfie did the “it would be easier if” routine a lot when I was thinking I needed to cut down and that was enough to keep me drinking for a number of years after the first whisper in my mind that I might have a problem. Since I’ve been quit (100 plus days, thank you Belle), he’s changed his tack to questioning my ability to keep it up, to have fun, to socialise, etc. but each time I do one of those things without alcohol it’s another enjoyable FUW moment. I find it fascinating that we are all so different and yet so similar. It’s comforting to know no matter what the situation or thought process that countless others have navigated it successfully.

    • Really Belle, this so resonates with me. So many time I’ve thought well great, If only I had ___ fill in the blank. So not only do I not have a husband who supports me, try having an adversarial ex and a mentally ill teen. You know what I do have, I have the insight to see a deteriorating situation for what it was and be able to leave a toxic relationship, I have the strength to seek psychiatric help for my child despite the lack of popularity for the sport, and I can also begin the process of healing myself so I can be the best me I can muster at any given time. Perhaps I start by not drinking so damn much. There are no excuses, no rationalizations. Everyone has it hard from time to time. Maybe these are my hard times, maybe more hard times are to come. All I know is that excessively drinking will never help. And, I’m not alone. Thanks!

      P.S. Belle will know that I am a 100 day challenge drop off. I’ve had many day ones over the past year, got to a personal best at 49 (swore I’d e-mail Belle at day 50, go figure, not even close to that number lately). I’m not promising day one or 100, I’m more gentle with my Wolfie these days, sort of weaning him off rather than having a big fuck you party. But I’m pretty sure we’ll be giving him a send off soon, perhaps without fanfare or confetti, maybe a fade into the sunset sort of ending. Sorta wish I was an all or nothing girl, but.. Perhaps I’m where some of those who seem to quit with ease were before they started blogging. Anyway, a big you go girl (or boy) to all who are doing it or considering it. It’s a great starting point at the very least, and, who knows where it will lead. Don’t fear failure, view it as an opportunity to trial success for a bit. It feels great, and keeps you coming back for more.

  • Kittybells: This really hit home for me…you called me out specifically a FEW times. Let’s see…Single (Wouldn’t it be easier if I had a husband or even a boyfriend to support me), accountant (Job fluctuates from mundane to stressful, wouldn’t it be easier if I had a job that I loved), not happy with my weight (wouldn’t it be easier if I were thin).

    Reading your blog and a few other sites have helped me to see that it’s not just me…I’m not alone in my thoughts and my fight with the Beast.

  • I LOVE the park sounds and the Wolfie invasion via ambulance, symbolizes the hysteria, strife, and life threatening struggle he delivers.

    I loved the whole way you describe the bar scene – it is revolting. That is a visual I can replace the urge with .. . . Nice job! This podcast is another great example of why you are so uniquely suited and effective at this sober coaching.

    You recap the personal feelings, the middle of the night regrets, shame, personal let down. That may be my biggest positive force. Then you go thru the practical aspects of what Wolfie steals from us: money, the vacations, the time . . . this is just jam packed with vivid reminders of the benefits of being sober versus a life battling hangovers and disappointment, layered with the sounds of life in the background.

    Applause and thanks, Belle!
    And hugs to all of you fighting Wolfie out there today ~
    Down with Wolfie!

    For me, today’s sober time plan is to go for a walk (lose some of the booze bulge) and cook some fall soup while also touching up my hair color after work. If I just do two of those things, it’ll be great.

  • Wily Wolfie and his devious ways indeed. He’s best not listened to, he’ll say anything to get you to listen and he HATES to be ignored. Ignoring him really winds him up. But like all big bullies if you ignore him enough he will eventually go away. Takes time but I’m trying to banish him for good. Fuck you Wolfie.