Friday Celebration Roundup

Happy Day 50 to Cwego!

Happy Day 50 to Ish!

Happy Day 50 to Lottie!

Happy Day 50 to Tessa!

Happy Day 50 to LaureDann!

Happy Day 50 to Keeko!

Happy Day 50 to Sommer!

Happy Day 50 to Clearlee!

Happy Day 50 to Jonesy!

Happy Day 50 to Bekki!

Happy Day 50 to Jill!

Happy Day 50 to Big Jane!

Happy Day 50 to Julianne!

Happy Day 50 to JiAmMa!

Happy Day 50 to Olivia2!

Happy Day 50 to Julz!

Happy Day 50 to SusanC!

Happy Day 50 to Linley!

Happy Day 50 to Tamelkat!

Happy Day 100 to SueW!

Happy Day 100 to Renae!

Happy Day 100 to Amya69!

Happy Day 100 to TeriC!

Happy Day 100 to Sober Lemon!

Happy Day 100 to Dayna!

Happy Day 100 to PP!

Happy Day 100 to Adeline!

Happy Day 100 to Jami!

Happy Day 100 to hgeorge648!

Happy Day 100 to Snowflake!

Happy Day 180 to LolaB!

Happy Day 180 to Maggie Mae!

Happy Day 180 to Barbie!

Happy Day 180 to Regina!

Happy Day 180 to Molrobin!

Happy Day 180 to Phi!

Happy Day 180 to Connie!

Happy Day 200 to Blake C!

Happy Day 200 to Anastasia!

Happy Day 200 to Soberp82!

Happy Day 200 to Whineless!

Happy Day 200 to 365 Reasons !

Happy Day 200 to Lisch!

Happy Day 200 to DeeN!

Happy Day 300 to Kirst!

Happy Day 300 to Erin Elisabeth!

Happy Day 365 to JenIsTheSoberiest!

Happy Day 365 to DawnD!

Happy Day 365 to Meka!

Happy Day 400 to ErinUp!

Happy Day 400 to Durfee!

Happy Day 500 to JM!

Happy Day 800 to Thirteenpointone!

Happy Day 900 to Marg!


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Tracey read my mind exactly . . . including the Day 5 part! Congrats to all. I really do feel like we are part of a special, quiet but powerful sensible, progressive movement.

    You really encourage me to know I am not alone in this and our successes are quantifiable.

    Perhaps we should consider this forum our Sober Bus. . . 18–Wheeler?
    Keep going!

    Beep Beep!

  • I used to look at people’s names with those high day counts and think ‘I wonder how it will feel to get into the hundreds?’

    Well, it feels bloody fantastic – and strangely normal at the same time, lol.

    I wouldn’t be here without this page (and many others, but especially this one.)

    If you’re just starting out – keep at it. If you run off course, get back on it as soon as you can. I tried and failed and tried and failed and tried …. and got to 300 days and feel amazingly strong, happy and centred.

    So happy. So proud of myself.

    Thanks and lots of love peeps.

    Kirst xxx

  • Congratulations to all on a phenomenal life changing accomplishment! It is beyond inspirational to someone, who at Day 5, sees anything beyond 30 days a mountainous hurdle. Go Little Sober Car, go faster!