dream interpretation?

ha. what would belle say.

Dlite: ‘Well, I had my first memorable dream and It was that 2 of my teeth were falling out and crumbling. It’s a common dream motif and Jung associated it with times of growth and rebirth. My dream was loaded with symbols of me leaving the past (and alcohol) behind and shedding my old self, feeling some discomfort in my new more intellectual (sober) setting but not looking to people in the past for help. Seemed pretty spot on. I’ve got to stay the course on this. I really do feel that this is a very important and necessary crossroads in my life and that the key is being very present in the moment and keeping it simple. If it’s no bog deal to have one little drink then it’s no big deal not to. Thanks Belle- for being there.”

me: this is so interesting. I love dream stuff. I’m not familiar at all with the different interpretation schemes, but to me I interpret losing teeth more literally (which isn’t how dreams work, but it’s how my brain works). So losing teeth is losing something important about you (that you were a drinker) and now you’re going to go around with a big hole in your head (no booze) and you’re worried about how people will judge you if you’re not ‘whole’ any more. And the crossroads is that we don’t care what people think of us. we do what we do. we function without teeth (!) though that’s a pretty unpleasant picture. clearly I’m not a dream analyst … I should read more before I blather on like this.

Dlite: “LOL – i think your interpretation fits my dream to a T, and I believe it is spot on where I am — feeling uncomfortable in social (even family) settings while I cast off the old party girl and become quieter unparty girl.”


yes, sure, why not. for a limited time you can post your dream below in the comments.  It should be a dream you’ve had since quitting drinking, and i’ll tell you what it means in sober-speak. this is of course not to be confused with real jung-dream speak or freud-dream speak or anything official or sanctioned. this will be hilariously inappropriate belle-sober-dream-speak. complete with sass and self-deprecating humour and typos. all my specialties.

Once I get a few dreams submitted, I’ll send out my unusual interpretation to you if you’re on the micro-email list. if you’re not on the list, you can do that here.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • I had a dream last night that I blew my nose and a small green frog was in the tissue. Don’t remember any of the dream other than that.

  • Hi Belle,

    Interesting topic! I have had several drinking dreams since stopping 267 days ago. In all but the last I have felt immediate regret. In my last dream I just didn’t care for the taste and gave the glass to a friend of mine. This puzzles me; why no regret? Wolfie still tempts me with the thought that I can moderate.

    *Hugs,* *Hazeleyes*

  • Hi Mary De, how about listening to Belle’s audio on No more U -turns. She posted it a couple of days ago. I think she is talking about just this.

  • I’m wondering if you can shed some light on early relapse when starting the process of giving up alcohol. I keep slipping on say day#4..i feel so good and the an opportunity presents itself in a social situation and i just have a small amount if wine. But what that seems to do is open the flood gates. Next thing you know a full on binge is right around the corner. I know this us NOT going to be easy. I just need to know if thus is common early on. And if so, how i can get to day 10, 15, 30 ,100. Feeling frustrated.

    • for me, i needed to stay away from social stuff for the first 6 weeks or so. i just didn’t feel secure enough to be out and about. so i hung around home mostly with my tea and my routines. then once i got my sober sea legs it got better.