• This support video is so true! I “sipped” at support and thought that I could do sobriety without support from others for a long time which caught me in a relapse cycle. It wasn’t until I surrounded myself with support that I could protect myself from wolfie. I never really thought it could be possible for me to be getting close to 300 daysโ€ฆit is possible with support! Thank you Belle!

  • Love this and at day 77 I understand it even more. I won’t allow my sober momentum to be stopped. Your analogy about the abusive boyfriend is spot on. Wolfie’s voice is softer and he hides his vicious snarl behind a smile but he tries. I have multiple happy events coming up in the next few weeks and months and the voice is saying sure – have the toast at the wedding, a glass of wine at the party is fine you can stop after one or two and how can you possibly go on a cruise and not at least have one cocktail with dinner! If I said yes to even one of these suggestions the real venomous, snarling, destructive Wolfie would jump out and I would be back to hating myself and doubting my self worth. I love this sober life too much to jeopardize it. I will continue to read, comment and sober pen pal and I will continue to revel in my sober life every day! Thank you again and again and again dear Belle!!! and Nurse Traci is right, I would love to see a face too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Love, love the support video! I had already decided to sign up for the 100 day challenge this morning before i listened to it but it definitely solidified that decision for me and gave me a lot more hope than i had before. I told the hubby that im doing this and that i will probably have to physically remove myself from the situation when i feel crazy tempted to drink. Im bound and determined to do this come hell or high water!!! I will not listen to wolfie no matter what!!! Thanks in advance for your support. Here goes day 1.

  • I love this video and I really love your point about adding in as much support as possible. I am struggling with that reaching out thing in a major way. I am so used to taking care of myself and managing everything. But I see now that I can’t manage my drinking alone. Your 100 day challenge is helping, I’m reading tons of blogs, I’ve been talking to my sister, she is not sober but supportive. I am reading books and journaling. Listening to podcast as I exercise. All these supports are really helping so far! It’s like a major difference than my last sobriety attempt. Thank you for your support and for this video.

  • Outstanding video! The only thing that would have made it better would be a face to attach to the name ;). Nurse Traci

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  • Bravo! I’m giving you a standing ovation alone in my kitchen! I appreciate your support more than words can express.

    Love and Peace, Zelda