Photos: Sober Support

Assignment #17: Sober Support (here are the photos!)

The goal for this assignment was to take a picture of one of your sober supports. What makes you feel better, and therefore more likely to be sober. 

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These are the things helping me with my sober journey. Bike riding thru this park is so helpful, in the evenings after dinner especially. In the picture I also have water and my green smoothie I drink everyday for breakfast. In the last year i discovered hula hooping and I am obsessed, I’m officially a hoop dancer!

I loved this project because it forced me to ride to the park with my hula hoop, I had been thinking about it but thought it would be a pain in the butt, but it wasn’t it fit right over my shoulder and handlebar like it belonged there. I hooped in the redwood grove till I was dripping sweat 🙂 It’s also the were my husband and I were married, so it was pretty magical 🙂

So Thank you for the gift of “the art project”.


I use branches that the neighborhood kids deliver to my door (they know I like to bring nature indoors — I have a REALLY big collection of pine cones thanks to those sweeties, you can imagine).  I use the most beautiful yarn I can get my hands on-wool, silk, flax.   I sit and wrap.  It takes a really long time to get it right and it takes both hands — thank goodness.  It keeps me busy and sober.  Someone asked to buy one while I was out taking the photo!


Shrubs made from berries I picked. Soon I’ll strain the jars and put sugar in them, refrigerate them for a week then I’ll have a fun drink to have before dinner.


Something that’s been keeping me going is getting up to catch the morning sunrise over the ocean.

After about 3 weeks of being sober I started an every other day routine which has become daily some weeks as I feel better. My treat is to walk or run & then change into flip flops & sit on the beach to drink my coffee, think & gather my thoughts for the day.  I see dragon flies & cardinals that in my mind cheer me along the route. For me its like a mini celebration & a reminder of this renewal of life. When Wolfie drops by its one of my first thoughts, … ‘well if you pour that glass of wine, you won’t be at the beach tomorrow’

This picture is from this morning 🙂 Happy Friday Hugs ~*~ Sheena


First off thanks for putting so much effort into your blog, reading it has helped me maintain my sobriety since leaving a rehab facility a few weeks ago.  For me one of the sober activities has been getting back into macro photography.  I used to photograph aquariums (corals and fish and such) however in my active drinking the beautiful aquariums are long gone.  Luckily we have a few hummingbirds that visit the yard lately.  I’ve found the challenge of not only me sitting still long enough for the bird to show up but trying to get a solid photo shooting with manual settings has been a pretty frustrating but rewarding experience.


If you want to join in for the next assignment, stay tuned.

This post is now closed to new submissions.


I want to put this online, to hold myself accountable. I want to document the noise in my head. I'm tired of thinking about drinking. date of last drink: june 30, 2012

  • Loved these.. probably my favorite assignment of yours (and that’s saying something given I love all of them).. have tweeted the link, hope that’s ok. xxx

  • I LOVE this. I relate to almost every one of these in some way. Others, I have new support ideas. Sheena, your particularly resonated with me…what a way to start the day. <3

  • When I am sober and not hung-over, I paddle out on the lake by my house. I do it to see the birds, the rocks, and be on the water. In the summers when I was a girl, I used to take a boat out and take a book. I would stay out all day and part of the night – as long as possible. It was a way to get away from my screaming drunken parents.
    Somehow I have found calm water again.
    Paddling and floating these days makes me feel like someone gave me a gift.